Kim Chiu finally confirms that Xian Lim is her boyfriend on TWBA

Kim Chiu confirms her relationship with Xian Lim.

November 15, 2018 by Jessie Mendoza

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Filipino actress and singer Kim Chiu (age 28) finally confirmed on entertainment talk show, “Tonight with Boy Abunda” (TWBA) on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, that she and Xian Lim (age 29) are officially a couple.

This settles a lot of speculations by their fans that Kim Chiu and Xian Lim (also collectively known as KimXi) are in a real relationship and that their constant sweetness with each other is not just part of promotions for their projects.

During the tell-all interview, TWBA Host Boy Abunda asked Kim Chiu why it seems that she and Xian are finding it hard to say it outright that they are a couple.

Kim said, “Grabe Tito Boy. Alam naman na, oo naman. Alam naman na ng mga tao.” [That is too much, Uncle Boy. They know it already, of course. People know it already.]

Boy Abunda pressed on and said:

But you never said that, di ba [right]? Yung “Yes”? [That it is a Yes?]

Kim and Xian, are you officially together? What’s the answer?

Kim was laughing hard while Boy was phrasing the question. Then she said:

Tito Boy, grabe po yun. Mahirap po ito as a 28-year old (inaudible). Pero ,oo naman, oo naman, yes, oo. Oo, Tito Boy.”

[Uncle Boy, that is too much. This is hard for a 28-year-old (inaudible). But yes, of course; yes, of course; yes, yes. Yes, Uncle Boy.]

That’s a total of five (5) yeses as confirmation of KimXi as a real couple. As to when Kim Chiu and Xian Lim started becoming an item, that was never discussed during the interview.

kim chiu and xian lim relationship

Although Kim and Xian have said that they were exclusively dating in a 2013 episode of the now defunct talk show, “Kris TV”, a lot of people did not put too much weight on it. Xian Lim and Kim Chiu were part of the drama TV series “Ina, Kapatid, Anak” during that time.

Watch Kim Chiu’s revelation about KimXi real relationship on TWBA

Kim Chiu agreed with Boy Abunda that Xian Lim is one of the most misunderstood showbiz personalities.

But she defended her boyfriend, saying that when he shows his sweetness, “dun matutunaw ka na talaga” [that is when you will really melt]. He is really different when he gives you a surprise, or expresses his being sweet.

Boy moves on to the bigger question of “Is he the one you’re going to marry? Is he the one?”

To that more serious question, Kim answered, “Hindi ko po alam, Tito Boy. Wala pa yung isip ko sa ganun.” [I do not know, Uncle Boy. It is not in my mind yet.]

Even when Boy repeated the question, Kim said that marriage has not crossed her mind yet, and she does not know why. She also said that she and Xian had not talked about marriage, too.

She said both of them have their own priorities and they still want a lot of things to happen in their lives.

Besides, she thinks she is still young, considering that a career woman nowadays thinks of marriage when she hits her 30s.

What does she find sexy in Xian?

Kim answered that it is Xian’s eyes and his distinguished jawline that she finds most attractive.

KimXi fans, time for a real celebration!

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