Liza Soberano reveals why ‘Darna’ movie will be delayed again

Liza Soberano reveals reason behind delay in "Darna" the movie.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Filipino-American actress Liza Soberano (age 20) revealed why her movie “Darna” will be delayed again.

In a story conference on November 23, 2018, Liza said that filming for the iconic Filipino superhero “Darna” will resume after her new movie with Enrique Gil under Black Sheep productions is done.

According to Liza Soberano, Director Jerrold Tarog is still finalizing the script for “Darna”, before resuming the shooting for the film.

For the meantime, Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil (age 26) will start filming this December for a yet untitled movie that will be directed by Antoinette Jadaone, under Black Sheep productions.

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Enrique Gil also revealed that another contributing factor for the delay in “Darna” was the surgery done on Liza Soberano’s injured finger.

Liza Soberano was apparently injured while taping for the now-defunct TV series, “Bagani”.

“Darna” the movie timeline

“Darna” had a recent shake-up when Director Erik Matti resigned from the film on October 4, 2018 due to creative differences.

Erik Matti was soon replaced by Jerrold Tarog, the director of the blockbuster biopics “Heneral Luna” and “Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral”.

“Darna” is now 3 years in the making, if one includes the planning stages for the film which started way back 2015.

The film was supposed to star Angel Locsin in the title role, since she also portrayed “Darna” in GMA Network’s successful TV series way back 2005.

A spine injury halted Angel Locsin’s dream of making the “Darna” movie. She was initially pulled out of the movie in October 2015.


Angel Locsin will not fly as Darna due to her medical condition
Angel Locsin will no longer play the role of ‘Darna’ due to her medical condition.

After undergoing surgery for her disc bulge twice, Angel resumed training for “Darna” the movie.

But during training, Angel experienced back pain again. Following her doctor’s advice, she was finally pulled out of the film on March 20, 2017.

“Darna” was created by writer Mars Ravelo and illustrator Nestor Redondo in 1950. Since then it has spawned several movies and TV series.

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