Wilbert Tolentino vs Mader Sitang: What we know so far

Check out the details of the controversial feud between Wilbert Tolentino and Mader Sitang.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Businessman and international producer and manager Wilbert Tolentino (age 43) recently posted a video on his Facebook page revealing a business deal gone bad with Thai internet sensation, transgender Mader Sitang (age 56).

Wilbert’s long introduction to the video posted on November 13, 2018 described how they were allegedly maltreated by Sitang’s camp in Thailand.

He also said that it was when he sought help from the Thailand Philippine Embassy that he learned Mader Sitang is not a human rights lawyer as she claimed to be. She did not also donate to Yolanda victims as she led everyone to believe, according to Wilbert.

Watch Wilbert Tolentino’s video, which he says serves as his official statement regarding his failed business deal with Mader Sitang:

[original FB link: https://www.facebook.com/sirwil75/videos/10156191982933440/]

Mader Sitang’s Manila Tour 2018

mader sitang wilbert tolentino

Wilbert brought Mader Sitang to the Philippines last month for the transgender’s 4-day Manila Tour 2018. She had a successful tour, with throngs of Pinoy fans welcoming her to the Philippines.

Sitang Buathong in real life, she even appeared on the top ABS-CBN magazine show “Rated K”, and was interviewed by veteran broadcaster, Korina Sanchez.

Wilbert Tolentino became Mader Sitang’s manager and also had a lot of products lined up which will be endorsed by and also carry Mader Sitang’s name.


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Wilbert Tolentino and Mader Sitang’s failed business deal

On November 6, 2018, Wilbert and entourage went to Thailand for another contract signing for a supposedly 5-year deal with Mader Sitang. Tolentino’s entourage was met by Mader Sitang at the airport.

mader sitang and wilbert tolentino

A day after their arrival, Wilbert posted on FB that the contract signing between him and Sitang did not push through because the latter refused to honor such agreement.

In his November 13 video, Wilbert said that Mader Sitang demanded the payment of 20 million baht (PHP 32 million) upon their arrival at the Thailand airport, which wasn’t part of their agreement.

Sitang also demanded for Wilbert’s passport, which he did not give.

Wilbert said Mader Sitang got mad and their supposed welcome dinner did not push through. They also felt unsafe in their designated accommodation, so they had to transfer to a hotel in the city.

A day after their arrival, Wilbert and company went to the Philippine Embassy in Thailand to seek help.

Legal Opinions on Wilbert Tolentino and Mader Sitang’s contract

In the video posted by Wilbert Tolentino, he presented the legal opinions of several lawyers, as well as the story of Abet Corteza, Mader Sitang’s former interpreter.

According to Atty. Berteni Cataluña Causing, Mader Sitang initially agreed to 2 million baht (PHP 3.3 million) in exchange for her commitment to endorse and as payment for the use of her name. But he later learned that this was increased to 20 million baht.

He said that Wilbert Tolentino did not take advantage of Mader Sitang. Instead, Atty. Causing thinks that it was Mader Sitang who was taking advantage because she thinks she is so big as to demand 20 million baht from Tolentino.

Abet Corteza, Mader Sitang’s former interpreter also aired his gripe against Sitang. Abet said that Sitang allegedly destroyed his reputation in Thailand.

Atty. Minnie Lopez of Yambot Lopez Law said that the signing of the second contract did not push through because of “misrepresentations” and “bad faith” on the part of Mader Sitang. She said that Wilbert can seek legal remedies for breach of contract.

Atty Cristina Yambot Tanseco said that however, Wilbert Tolentino wanted to treat it as a learning experience and to warn fellow Filipinos to guard them against “opportunists and scammers.”

Nevertheless, Wilbert will continue his endorsement for a cause. And that whatever projects that were supposed to benefit the urban poor will continue as well as his other project that will benefit the Philippine Red Cross.

Netizens’ reactions on the issue

Although most of the commenters on the video presented by Wilbert Tolentino were shocked at his revelations and sided with Wilbert, there were some who wanted to know Mader Sitang’s side.

Mader Sitang posted on Facebook on November 7, 2018 [ https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100017008755034] wherein she said that Wilbert Tolentino is not her manager anymore and that she is canceling all work with him. She also said that he cannot use her name and photo in the product “Simply Sitang”.

mader sitang facebook post

She also posted a video, wherein she said that Wilbert Tolentino does not love her and that he lied.

Fans of Mader Sitang are mostly on her side as expected, but some have said that they are disappointed with how she acted towards Wilbert Tolentino.

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