Bella Santiago sings a Maria Tănase classic on X Factor Romania 2018

Watch Bella Santiago perform ‘Cine iubește și lasă' by Maria Tănase (X Factor Romania Season 8)

by Jessie Mendoza

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Filipina singer Bella Santiago (age 28) continues to wow the judges and the audience of X Factor Romania 2018.

For the first live show of X Factor Romania Season 8 on December 9, 2018, Bella Santiago sang a powerful and dramatic cover of Maria Tănase’s 1937 classic “Cine iubește și lasă”.

The song “Cine iubește și lasă” [Whoever loves and leaves] is described by some people as the most famous curse of Romanian love.

The lyrics of the song express a wish that whoever loves and then leaves should be punished by God.

Watch the enigmatic Bella Santiago with her version of “Cine iubește și lasă” [Whoever loves and leaves]:

Bella Santiago sings ‘Cine iubește și lasă’ by Maria Tănase

Bella Santiago sailed through the Live Show 1 of X Factor Romania 2018. The girl group Diamonds was voted out of the competition.

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