Full list of Miss World 2018 winners

Check out the full list of Miss World 2018 winners.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Vanessa Ponce de Leon (age 26) of Mexico was crowned as Miss World 2018 in Sanya, China on December 8, 2018. The runner-up for the title is Miss World Thailand, Nicolene Limsnukan (age 20), who also won as Miss World Asia & Oceania.

Miss World Mexico said she has been a model in the past few years but she gave it up 2 years ago to become a full-time volunteer. She works with people who have disabilities or girls going through rehab.

She said she loves her present work and added that everyone should try volunteering once in their life and, “they will be very surprised.”

Vanessa was the winner of cycle 5 of Mexico’s Next Top Model in 2014. She makes history as the first Mexican to be crowned as Miss World.

miss world 2018 miss mexico vanessa ponce
[photo: @tkopofficial]

miss world thailand nicolene limsnukan
Miss Thailand Nicolene Limsnukan (Runner-up)
[photo: kiw_land]

Rounding up the Top 5 of the 68th edition of Miss World are Maria Vasilevich of Belarus, Kadijah Robinson of Jamaica, and Quiin Abenakyo of Uganda.

Philippine bet Katarina Rodriguez did not make it to the Top 30 of Miss World 2018, wherein a total of 118 contestants competed.

Here’s the full list of winners for Miss World 2018:

Miss World 2018 winners

  • Miss World 2018
    Mexico – Vanessa Ponce de Leon
  • Runner-up
    Thailand – Nicolene Limsnukan
  • Top 5
    Belarus – Maria Vasilevich
    Jamaica – Kadijah Robinson
    Uganda – Quiin Abenakyo
  • Top 12
    France – Maëva Coucke
    Martinique – Larissa Segarel
    Mauritius – Murielle Ravina
    Nepal – Shrinkhala Khatiwada
    New Zealand – Jessica Tyson
    Panama – Solaris Barba
    Scotland – Linzi McLelland

Continental Queens of Beauty

  • Miss World Africa
    Uganda – Quiin Abenakyo
  • Miss World America
    Panama – Solaris Barba
  • Miss World Asia & Oceania
    Thailand – Nicolene Limsnukan
  • Miss World Carribean
    Jamaica – Kadijah Robinson
  • Miss World Europe
    Belarus – Maria Vasilevich

Special Awards

  • Top Model
    France – Maëva Coucke
  • Talent
    Japan – Kanako Date
  • Sports
    United States – Marisa Butler
  • Multimedia
    Nepal – Shrinkhala Khatiwada
  • Beauty with a Purpose
    Nepal – Shrinkhala Khatiwada
  • World Fashion Designer Award
    China – Peirui Mao
    South Africa – Thulisa Keyi
  • Sanya Tourism Promotional Video Award
    Kenya – Finali Galaiya

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