Lotlot de Leon cries over Dad Boyet de Leon’s wedding speech

Lotlot de Leon cries at Dad Christopher "Boyet" De Leon's speech at her wedding.

by Marsha Dizon

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Actress Lotlot de Leon (age 47) married Lebanese Fadi El Soury on December 17, 2018.

The couple had an intimate garden wedding ceremony at El Jardin de Zaida in San Juan, Batangas.

lotlot de leon wedding in batangas[photo: niceprintphoto]

At the wedding reception, actress Lotlot de Leon (age 47) couldn’t help but cry when her adoptive father, veteran actor Christopher “Boyet” de Leon (age 62) gave the traditional speech for the newly-wed couple.

Christopher de Leon recalled how much he loved Lotlot even when she was a toddler.

He extolled her virtues as a daughter and as a mother. Christopher said that Lotlot, his eldest daughter, is very loving and responsible, and took care of her siblings well.

FYI, Lotlot is the adopted daughter of legendary actress Nora Aunor and Christopher de Leon.

Watch this trending viral video of Christopher de Leon’s speech at the wedding of Lotlot de Leon and Fadi El Soury:

Father of the Bride Christopher de Leon’s speech for the newly-wed Lotlot de Leon and Fadi El Soury

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