PBB Otso: Ali evicted, Missy is in, Aljon is back

Ali is evicted from PBB Otso, Missy is now a housemate and Aljon is back.

by Jessie Mendoza

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It was an eventful night for Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso, as Ali Abinal (age 16) of Las Piñas City was evicted among five housemates who were nominated for eviction.

The nominees for eviction on December 16, 2018 were Seth Fedelin (age 16), Lie Reposposa (age 15), Jelay Pilones (age 17), Karina Bautista (age 16) and Ali.

Seth got the highest percentage of the public vote, with 29.88%. He was followed by Lie, who got 23.58%. Jelay and Karina got 22.58% and 21.97%, respectively.

Ali only got 1.69% of the votes, paving the way for his eviction from the PBB house.

Ali Abinal gets evicted from PBB Otso

In place of Ali, Missy Quino (age 17) of Cebu City became an official housemate. She is the last Star Dreamer to become an official housemate.

But the surprise announcement that made everyone jump is that PBB evictee Aljon Mendoza (age 17) of Pampanga is back as an aspiring house player. He will then go back to Camp Star Hunt to be with the remaining Star Dreamers.

Big Brother will then choose 2 house players from among those who are in Camp Star Hunt.

That means if Aljon is chosen as one of the house players, he will have another chance to be reunited with his closest “friend” in the PBB house, Karina Bautista.

If he becomes a house player, Aljon may have to perform special tasks for Big Brother which will likely test the character and personality of any PBB official housemate. If things go right, a house player can be voted to become an official housemate again, like what happened in past seasons of PBB.

KarJon fans are jubilant at this point and are hoping that Aljon will become a housemate again. But some are starting to worry too, because it might be a different Aljon by that time, owing to his role as a house player. And Karina will be first in line to get hurt once that happens.

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