PBB Otso: Aljon and Karina’s last talk before eviction night

PBB Otso: Watch Karina and Aljon's last serious talk before eviction night.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Aljon Mendoza (age 17) of Pampanga had been evicted from Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso on December 9, 2018. But a bittersweet video of him and co-housemate Karina Bautista having a serious talk prior to his eviction, shows just how close they have become.

Karina asked Aljon what he would remember about her.

Aljon said Karina is his bestfriend and said she is so important to him.

He said Karina is his first dance in a ball, and his first date. And he was happy it was Karina he was with during those firsts in his life.

Aljon added that if ever he gets evicted, he wished Karina wouldn’t cry over him because he wants her to be happy inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

Watch this touching exchange between Aljon and Karina:

PBB OTSO Day 31: Aljon and Karina’s last talk before eviction night

Aljon’s wish was not granted though, because Karina cried her heart out just the same when he got evicted from PBB Otso.

PBB OTSO: Aljon and Karina says goodbye to each other

The tearful goodbye between the two on the eviction night left many KarJon (the collective name for Karina and Aljon) fans heartbroken as well.

After Aljon Mendoza’s eviction, the new housemate Reign Parani (age 15) took his place in the PBB house.

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