PBB Otso: Voluntary exit by Missy, Big Brother gives surprise

Missy voluntarily exits PBB Otso but she gets a surprise from Big Brother.

by Marsha Dizon

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Missy Quiño (age 17) of Compostela, Cebu, volunteered to exit Pinoy Big Brother (PBB), relinquishing her chance to be part of The Big 4 of PBB Otso.

The teener said that after thinking things over, the other PBB housemates are more deserving and more determined than her to get a slot in the much-sought after Big 4.

Big Brother accepted her decision but gave her a surprise when he said that Missy will not go to the outside world just yet. Instead, she will go back to Camp Star Hunt and she will be a house player.

Missy will join other Star Dreamers to test who among the remaining housemates deserve to be part of the Big 4.

For her act, Missy has been described as selfless, a girl with a golden heart, and an angel in disguise by followers of PBB Otso.

PBB OTSO Day 51: Missy exits voluntarily from PBB Otso

A few days ago, Missy also did not participate in the Big Jump Challenge, which gave housemates a chance to become a Big 4 member automatically if one tops the Challenge.

Karina Bautista, Seth Fedelin, and Rhys Eugenio also did not participate in the Big Jump, leaving Lie Reposposa, Reign Parani, Jelay Pilones, and Kaori Oinuma to battle it out for the Big 4 spot. The challenge was eventually won by Jelay, who is now assured to be part of the Big 4.

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