Scarlet Snow Belo and her parents wear snakes for Christmas

Scarlet Snow Belo and her parents, Dr. Vicki Belo and Dr. Hayden Kho, wore snakes for Christmas.

by Marsha Dizon

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Instagram star Scarlet Snow Belo (age 3) and her celebrity parents Dr. Vicki Belo (age 62) and Dr. Hayden Kho (age 38), posed for pictures and videos with pythons draped around their necks for Christmas.

The snakes are courtesy of TV host and actor Kim Atienza (age 51), a known environmentalist and animal lover, who happens to be Scarlet Snow Belo’s godfather.

scarlet snow belo kim atienza

Dr. Vicki Belo said the toddler Scarlet Snow Belo was fearless, and immediately asked for the beautiful white snake to be placed around her neck

Her daughter’s courage prompted Dr. Vicki Belo to do the same.

scarlet snow belo white snake

Vicki Belo, M.D. @victoria_belo
December 24, 2018

@scarletsnowbelo is fearless. She immediately asked for the snake to be put around her neck. That’s why I did it na rin.

When both Dr. Vicki and her husband Hayden wore the snakes around their necks, Dr. Belo said “A family that wears accessories together, stays together.”

Dr. Hayden Kho on the other hand, said, “You don’t have to kill them to wear them, you know.”

While the video was being taken, the snake on Hayden’s neck suddenly pooped and Dr. Vicki Belo described it as ‘Revenge of the #python” on Hayden.

Vicki Belo, M.D. @victoria_belo
December 24, 2018

Nining @kuyakim_atienza has given @scarletsnowbelo the most unique gift. He brought his special animals to the house. Revenge of the #python on @dochayden

Commenters said the unusual incident caught on camera might just mean more luck for Hayden.

scarlet snow belo with a tortoise

Meanwhile, Scarlet Snow Belo posed with a baby tortoise, prompting her followers to praise the toddler for showing her love for animals.

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