AGT Champions: Angelica Hale gets Golden Buzzer with ‘The Fight Song’

AGT Champions: Angelica Hale sings "The Fight Song" and makes history with her 2nd Golden Buzzer performance.

January 22, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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For the second time in her life, Angelica Hale (age 11) gets the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent. She makes history as the first act to get the Golden Buzzer twice on the show.

Singing “The Fight Song” by American singer-songwriter Rachel Platten, the Filipino-American child singer from Atlanta, Georgia was in tears after Judge Howie Mandel pressed the Golden Buzzer for her on January 21, 2018, sending her straight to the finals.

Before she performed, Angelica showed just how competitive she is.

Simon Cowell said that coming second on AGT is probably the hardest thing to deal with. Angelica was runner-up to champion Darci Lynne Farmer on AGT 2017.

Angelica replied, “Yeah, you know, and I really am fighting for my place here at AGT champions and I think this song applies to what I’m doing here today”

Simon praised her and said, “Good, good! And that makes you a champion!”

The live audience was quiet for about half a minute when Angelica started singing. But when she got to the chorus part of “The Fight Song”, most members of the audience were already up on their feet, cheering.

Angelica seemed to have poured her heart onto the song, and the audience did not sit down for the rest of her performance.

The riffs and runs that the young singer performed, especially towards the end of the song, showed just how much of a vocal athlete Angelica Hale has become.

Angelica Hale sings “The Fight Song” and gets 2nd Golden Buzzer

Simon Cowell immediately stood up after her performance, and then the rest of the judges gave her a standing ovation.

AGT Champions’ host Terry Crews commented, “She was runner up but now, she could make it all the way!”

Judge Heidi Klum said, “I mean, Angelica, you are like the little boss lady that you are. You came here to win, and I can see that, I can feel that.”

Judge Mel B voiced a different opinion : “You do have an incredible voice. And you are this little ball of…you’re like a firecracker. And I can also see your hunger to win this competition. But having said that, I thought you would have taken this song and put your own Angelica twist on it because you have the tools to do that.”

Simon dissented and said, “Ahh, excuse me…”

Mel B. continued, “With your level, when your vocals are so perfect, you can afford to take a bigger risk.”

Terry Crews exclaimed “Oh, man” and Simon faced the audience in disbelief, as Mel B talked.

Judge Howie Mandel saved the day for Angelica in a big way. He said:

You know, when people show up on this show, the level of competition is that much higher. Just by the title, you are amongst champions. You show up and you ripped the ceiling off of this theater. You really do. And you know what, that was your fight song and if I can do anything, I’m gonna help you win this fight.

After those words, Howie Mandel pressed the Golden Buzzer, which shocked Angelica and left her in tears.

Finding her voice as she took in the moment, Angelica said, “I can’t believe this is happening to me. I mean I never expected this to happen. I wanna thank you so much, this is a dream come true.”

She went on to hug Howie Mandel again, who was repeatedly saying, “You deserve it.”

After she left the stage, Simon put his thumb on his nose and taunted Mel B like a kid.

Angelica Hale was the first runner-up in America’s Got Talent Season 12 (2017), losing to ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer in a hotly contested fight for the championship. She was awarded her first Golden Buzzer on AGT 2017 by guest judge Chris Hardwick, when she sang “Girl On Fire”.

Darci Lynne Farmer bowed out of the AGT Champions show, after she lost to Spanish rock-opera singer Cristina Ramos in the “superfans” vote last week.

Angelica Hale will join singers Susan Boyle, Cristina Ramos, and Paul Potts; as well as stand up comedian Preacher Lawson and extreme knife throwers Deadly Games, at the finals of America’s Got Talent: The Champions.

Ten more winners and finalists from Got Talent franchises all over the world will compete on the AGT Champions’ next episode on January 28, 2019.

Angelica Hale earns Golden Buzzer Angelic Hale Earns Golden Buzzer on AGT with her performance of ‘Girl on Fire’

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