Donny Pangilinan praised by “Mary Poppins Returns” director

Watch Donny Pangilinan interview the cast of "Mary Poppins Returns" movie. Praised by director Rob Marshall.

by Marsha Dizon

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Filipino actor and TV host Donny Pangilinan (age 20) was praised by the director of “Mary Poppins Returns”, Rob Marshall (age 58), for his incredible interviewing skills.

Disney, an American entertainment company, invited Donny Pangilinan and his sister Hannah Pangilinan, to interview the cast of the “Mary Poppins Returns” movie, and attend its world premiere. “Mary Poppins Returns” began showing in the Philippines on January 8, 2019.

Donny Pangilinan admitted that he was surprised that Disney gave him the chance to be in that special event for the film. He also said that it was a milestone for him to interview people from Hollywood, and walk the red carpet for the “Mary Poppins Returns” world premiere.

Donny Pangilinan and his sister Hannah Pangilinan (who haven’t seen each other in two weeks) flew to Los Angeles, California, US, for the world premiere of “Mary Poppins Returns”. They stayed at one of the top luxury hotels in LA, the “Montage Beverly Hills”.

Since it was Disney that invited him and his sister, Donny Pangilinan said that they were well taken care of. Disney people were very accomodating according to him.

Donny Pangilinan on interviewing Emily Blunt, Director Rob Marshall, and more

Donny Pangilinan interviewed English-American actress Emily Blunt (age 35) who played the role of “Mary Poppins” in the movie. She was quick to notice how much of a Disney fan Donny Pangilinan is.

Donny: I’ve been watching “Mary Poppins” since I was a child. I’m sure we all have.

Emily: Listen. I knew it from the sweater that you’re a “Mary Poppins” fan.

donny pangilinan disney sweater mickey mouse emily blunt mary poppins returns interview black white hands

Donny Pangilinan also interviewed the Banks kids portrayed by Ben Whishaw (age 38) and Emily Mortimer (age 47), and also Lin-Manuel Miranda (age 38) who played the role of “Jack”.

Donny Pangilinan admitted that he was nervous the whole time he was interviewing the cast of “Mary Poppins Returns”. Though it was his first time doing an interview like that, he got a pat on the back from the director of he movie, Rob Marshall.

The “Mary Poppins Returns” interview was shared by Donny Pangilinan on his YouTube channel. Right after his interview with Rob Marshall, his interviewing skill was complimented by Rob Marshall who said:

You’re so good. You know why? You know why you’re so good? Because you, you listen. A lot of people have, like, questions already planned. This is the truth. He listens. You listen to what I’m saying and go with that. It’s a rare quality.

Donny Pangilinan was caught up in the moment, and focused on what Rob Marshall was saying about his work. He was just grateful for every compliment Rob Marshall was giving him. You can really tell how happy that made Donny Pangilinan. It was his first time to do that and he was congratulated for a job well done. His fans and his family are so proud of him.

Watch Donny Pangilinan’s interview with “Mary Poppins Returns” cast

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