‘Halik’ Episode 119 (January 24, 2019)

'Halik' (January 24, 2019) starring Jericho Rosales, Sam Milby, Yen Santos, Yam Concepcion.

by Marsha Dizon

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Childhood lovers Jacky and Lino meet after being apart for several years. However, now married to different people, the two must choose whether to fight to be together again or be true to the promise made to their spouses.

Episode Highlights:

Ace goes to Jacky’s place, taunting her about being Lino’s spare tire. He asks Jacky that whenever she needs intimacy, she only needs to call. Jacky slapped him for saying such things.

Meanwhile, Yohan gets upset upon learning from Jacky that it was Lino who brought her home. Jacky said it meant nothing and if Yohan couldn’t trust her, then their relationship will go nowhere. Yohan says sorry for what he said and Jacky accepted his apology.

  • Release date : January 24, 2019
  • Episode : 119
  • Genre : Drama / Romance
  • Language : Filipino
  • Country of origin : Philippines
  • First aired : August 13, 2018
  • Network : ABS-CBN

‘Halik’ (January 24, 2019)

[ref: ABS-CBN Entertainment]

‘Halik’ (January 24, 2019) cast

  • Jericho Rosales as Catalino “Lino” Bartolome
  • Sam Milby as Ace Corpuz
  • Yen Santos as Jacqualine “Jacky” Montefalco-Corpuz
  • Yam Concepcion as Jade Flores-Bartolome
  • Amy Austria-Ventura as Dolor Bartolome
  • Romnick Sarmenta as Mauro Montefalco
  • Precious Lara Quigaman as Loida Ybañez-Montefalco
  • Daniel Matsunaga as Yohan
  • Ria Atayde as Pinky “Baste” Sebastian
  • Almira Muhlach as Helen Corpuz
  • Hero Angeles as Atty. Kenneth “Ken” Velasco
  • Yam Concepcion wins Trending Actress award Yam Concepcion gets Trending Actress award for her role in “Halik”.

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