Inconceivable (2017 movie)

Inconceivable (2017) starring Nicolas Cage, Faye Dunaway, Gina Gershon.

by Jessie Mendoza

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A mother looks to escape her abusive past by moving to a new town where she befriends another mother, who grows suspicious of her.

  • Starring : Nicolas Cage / Faye Dunaway / Gina Gershon
  • Genre : Drama / Thriller
  • Country : United Kingdom / United States
  • Language : English
  • Director : Jonathan Baker
  • Production : Baker Entertainment Group / Emmett/Furla/Oasis Films (EFO Films) / Higrowth Films / Ingenious Media
  • Distributor : Dutch FilmWorks (DFW) / Lionsgate Premiere / ACE Entertainment / Cinemundo / Eagle Entertainment / Grindstone Entertainment Group / Jaye Entertainment / Lionsgate Home Entertainment / New KSM / Videoland

Inconceivable movie

Inconceivable release date

  • June 30, 2017 : USA
  • January 30, 2018 : Japan

Inconceivable cast

  • Gina Gershon as Angela
  • Nicky Whelan as Katie
  • Nicolas Cage as Brian
  • Sienna Soho Baker as Maddie
  • Harlow Bottarini as Cora
  • Natalie Eva Marie as Linda
  • Faye Dunaway as Donna
  • Jonathan Baker as Barry
  • James Van Patten as Dr. Weisman
  • Ele Bardha as Jake
  • Hunter Bodine as Dr. Holland
  • Leah Huebner as Mother
  • Corrie Danieley as Monica Wheeler
  • Burgess Byrd as Nurse
  • Tess Talbot as Mrs. Reynolds

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