‘Kara Mia’ memes: Barbie Forteza, Mika Dela Cruz reactions

Check out Barbie Forteza and Mika Dela Cruz's reactions to 'Kara Mia' memes.

by Marsha Dizon

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The upcoming GMA Network series ‘Kara Mia’ starring Filipina actresses Barbie Forteza (age 21) and Mika Dela Cruz (age 20) continue to create a lot of buzz online.

After the teaser was shown on January 16, 2019, a lot of netizens posted memes and some have even created comedy skits about it.

Why has it generated so much noise?

That’s because Kara Mia is about twins who share the same body and have one head with two faces, one on each side.

Kara and Mia are like two sides of a coin, Kara in the front and Mia in the back.

There is one scene in the teaser where Kara goes to a garden, and asks if Mia is ready to see the world. Then, she takes off the shawl covering her head, and Mia’s face is revealed, smiling.

That scene was the favorite among netizens, and has been reenacted by some.

Kara Mia Teaser

[ref: GMA Network]

Barbie and Mika’s reactions to ‘Kara Mia’ memes

When memes and videos started coming out in reaction to the teaser, Barbie Forteza and Mika Dela Cruz took everything in stride, as they revealed in an interview with TV host and showbiz reporter Lhar Santiago.

Instead of getting slighted, the actresses said they were happy with the memes and with Kara Mia’s teaser going viral online.

Barbie said, “Naiimagine ko kung hindi man ako yung gumaganap dito ngayon, ako yung nandun sa spoof na yun.” Turning to Mika, she said, “Di ba tayo yung gumagawa sa school ng ganun?” [I can imagine, if I wasn’t playing this role, I will be the one on that spoof. Isn’t that what we do in school?]

Mika agreed with her, “True, mga malolokong bata at matataba ang mga utak. Nakakatuwa po, nakakatuwa.” [True, the crazy kids, with fat, creative minds. We find it funny.]

Barbie Forteza and Mika Dela Cruz’s reactions to online memes

[ref: GMA News]

Challenges behind the scenes

Barbie said it wasn’t easy to tape the scenes for ‘Kara Mia’.

They were not burdened with prosthetics (makeup), but it was hard to shoot in terms of technical aspects.

Mika chimed that it was physically demanding for both of them, since the measurements should always be perfect.

In an interview with Nelson Canlas, Barbie revealed that each scene takes about 3 hours to shoot.

Kara Mia will be aired on GMA Network this coming February 2019.

Joining the cast are Jak Roberto, Paul Salas, Carmina Villaroel, John Estrada, Glydel Mercado, and Gil Cuerva.

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