Kris Aquino returns from Singapore, gets welcome home gifts from friends

Kris Aquino comes back from Singapore and comes home to a sea of welcome gifts from her friends and supporters.

January 18, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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After undergoing several tests in Singapore for her automimmune disease, Kris Aquino is back in the Philippines.

On Instagram, she shared a video wherein she and her youngest son Bimby, were welcomed warmly by Joshua Aquino, her eldest son.

As they entered her house, there were lots of colorful balloons, flowers, stuffed toys, and some chocolates that greeted their arrival.

Kris Aquino, who is also currently facing a legal battle with Nicko Falcis, the ex-manager of her company, was visibly moved by the gesture of her many friends in and out of showbiz.

She enumerated all of those who made the effort to show how much they care for her. Among those she mentioned are singers Darren Espanto, K Brosas, Jed Madela and actresses Kim Chiu, Pokwang, and Miles Ocampo.

Watch the short video shared by Kris Aquino on her Instagram.

Kris has mild form of lupus

Kris Aquino revealed to the public last 2018 that she had chronic spontaneous urticaria, an automimmune disease. She has severe allergies that can be life threatening because of anaphylactic shock.

More recently, Kris Aquino said she has a mild form of lupus and that she is allergic to medicines that might just cure such disease.

Legal battle vs. Nicko Falcis, controversial audio recording

In a recent Facebook Live session, Kris Aquino owned up to the audio recording of her telephone conversation with Nicko Falcis, which is currently circulating online.

However, she said that the audio edited out her accusations against Nicko.

In the said telephone conversation, Kris Aquino threatened Nicko Falcis and blamed him partly for her health issues. She told Falcis then that she has lupus.

Kris Aquino has dared Nicko Falcis to file charges of grave threats against her for the conversation which has gone viral.

Nicko has been saying that he stayed out of the country for a long time because he was scared that Kris Aquino would carry out her threats and that he feared for his life.

Kris has filed 44 counts of qualified theft against Nicko Falcis in several Metro Manila courts. She accused him of using company funds for his personal use.

She also filed criminal cases for 9 counts of cyberlibel against Atty. Jesus Nicardo Falcis III, Nicko’s brother who has been posting and commenting on social media about Kris Aquino.

Staying Positive

Despite all her health and legal problems, Kris Aquino is trying to stay positive. Recently she is into giving away 43 Care bears to give back to those who have shown understanding and unwavering support to her.

In one Instagram post, Kris Aquino said:

I have lived imperfectly, yet I have lived honestly… but now it’s time to live with the true courage that comes from humility, empathy, and compassion. it’s time to emerge as a better, wiser me.

Kris Aquino’s fight against Nicko Falcis and his brother continue on social media. It seems there’s no amicable settlement in sight.

As for her battle with autoimmune disease, she has learned to accept it and notes that she will probably have it for the rest of her life.

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