Mystified (2019 movie)

Mystified (2019) starring Iza Calzado, Sunshine Dizon, Diana Zubiri, Karylle.

by Marsha Dizon

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Friends reunite to fight a powerful, evil being (Sunshine Cruz), who wants to rid the world of non-magical people.

The original Sang’gres of GMA Network’s iconic “Encantadia” TV series namely Iza Calzado, Sunshine Cruz, Diana Zubiri, and Karylle; play as friends who each wield her own special kind of magic to battle against the allies and cohorts of the character played by Sunsine Cruz.

The movie “Mystified” is directed by Mark Reyes, the director of “Encantadia”.

“Mystified” is the first collaboration of Sanggre Productions with the subscription video on demand (VOD) service, Iflix. Sanggre Productions is owned by the original Sanggres themselves.

Iflix will stream “Mystified” in March, 2019 as part of its original lineup of shows.

  • Starring : Iza Calzado / Sunshine Dizon / Diana Zubiri/ Karylle
  • Genre : Action / Fantasy
  • Country : Philippines
  • Language : Filipino / English Subtitle
  • Director : Mark Reyes
  • Production : Sanggre Productions Inc. / Iflix
  • Distributor : Iflix

Mystified movie

[ref: iflix Philippines]

[ref: iflix Philippines]

Mystified release date

  • March 2019 : Iflix

Mystified cast

  • Iza Calzado
  • Sunshine Dizon
  • Diana Zubiri
  • Karylle
  • Sunshine Cruz

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