PBB Otso Adults: List of eviction nominees (Day 20)

Complete list of the nominees for the first eviction for PBB Otso Adults Batch 1.

January 28, 2019 by Jessie Mendoza

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The first list of nominees for eviction for the Adult batch of “Pinoy Big Brother: Otso” which will be held on February 3, 2019, has finally been revealed.

The nominations coming from the housemates was very intense. Since the viewers don’t see everything that’s happening inside the PBB house, there are some revelations from their fellow housemates about each one of them.

Some found it ironic that Andre Brouillette (age 21) would nominate Abi Kassem (age 20) to be evicted from the PBB house. They thought that Andre and Abi were very close friends, at least that’s what they see on the edited clips that the PBB show broadcasts.

Another shocking revelation for some is the observations of the majority of the housemates about Wakim Regalado (age 19) whom the housemates said does not have compassion for others. Although, when Wakim was given a chance to talk to the voters as to why he should stay at the PBB house, many viewers found his reasoning funny.

“Hindi po ako nagpunta rito para sa sariling pangarap sa pamilya lamang po. Ngunit gusto ko mag-improve bilang tao para sa pag-unlad ng Pilipinas po. Bawat boto para sa akin ay isang boto para sa pag-unlad ng Pilipinas po. At yun, gagawin ko po ang lahat-lahat para mag-learn as much as I can po because I believe we should have an equal opportunity po. Gagawin ko ang lahat for the bayan po. Pinoy Big Brother para po sa lahat ng pinoy. Salamat po.”

As to Apey Obera being nominated was not surprising for many. According to some, it was expected that Apey would be nominated because of how badly she behaved in the PBB house these past few days, including the incident about Yamyam Gucong (age 25) and the stressful confrontation with her brother, Mark Obera (age 34).

Wakim, Apey & Mark, and Abi are up for eviction come February 3 for getting the highest number of nomination points from the housemates. As to who among them will be evicted from the PBB house, will be up to the public to decide.

PBB OTSO Day 20: Abi, Apey & Mark, and Wakim nominated for eviction

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How the housemates nominated for February 3, 2019 eviction

Abi nominated:
– Wakim (2 pts) does not control what he says to his housemates.
– Apey (1 pt) does not control her emotions and does not appreciate what her housemates do for her.

Andre nominated:
– Abi (2 pts) does not listen and take advice from other housemates.
– Apey (1 pt) because of the way she handles her sadness. She shuts down and does not communicate with anybody.

Lou nominated:
– Wakim (2 pts) overthinks things and forces his housemates to not nominate him.
– Apey (1 pt) because she still does not accept her brother, Mark. She affects the energy of the group.

Mitch nominated:
– Wakim (2 pts) does not control his language and he overthinks things.
– Andre (1 pt) does not help in doing household chores.

Fumiya nominated:
– Wakim (2 pts) is rude to other housemates.
– Apey (1 pt) has mood swings, her feelings are like a roller coaster.

Yamyam nominated:
– Apey (2 pts) is cold-hearted.
– Wakim (1 pt) is fussy. He looks down on Yamyam.

Apey and Mark nominated:
– Wakim (2 pts) breaks the rules inside the house.
– Yamyam (1 pt) is immature in completing tasks, he’s not serious in what he does.

Wakim nominated:
– Abi (2 pts) is domineering and when she give commands to other housemates, she does not say please or thank you.
– Lou (1 pt) does only what she wants. She says hurtful things to her housemates.

PBB OTSO Day 20: Adults Batch 1 Official Tally Of Votes, First Nomination Night

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All in all, the number of nominations that each nominee got from their housemates are:

  • Wakim = 11
  • Apey and Mark = 6
  • Abi = 4

Voting is now officially open. To vote, just text BB [name of housemate] then send to 2366 for Globe, Smart, Sun, TM and TNT. For example:

  • BB ABI

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