PBB Otso Big 4 housemates are Jelay, Kaori, Lie, and Karina

Jelay, Kaori, Lie, and Karina are PBB Otso's Big 4.

January 6, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Lie Reposposa (age 15) of Tagum, Davao del Norte and Karina Bautista (age 16) of Santiago, Isabela join Jelay Pilones (age 17) and Kaori Oinuma (age 18) as part of the Teen Big 4 of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso Teens Batch 1 on January 5, 2019.

Jelay and Kaori got into the Teen Big 4 by winning the Big Jump Challenges, while Lie and Karina earned their way to the Teen Big 4 by getting the highest percentage of the public vote.

PBB OTSO Teen Finale: Big 4 of Teens Batch 1

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Watch how Lie and Karina reacted when their names were announced as part of the Teen Big 4:

The Teen Batch Winner for the PBB Otso Teens Batch 1 will be chosen from among the Big 4 housemates. But all of them will go back to the outside world on Sunday, January 6, 2019.

Seth Fedelin (age 16) of Dasmari├▒as, Cavite and Reign Parani (age 15) of Winnipeg, Canada left the PBB house after getting the least number of votes from the public.

During the Teen Finale of PBB Otso on January 5, 2019, a video clip of the batch of adult housemates was also shown. Among them, according to commenters on YouTube, is Fumiya Sankai, a Japanese YouTuber who vlogs mostly about the Philippines.

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