PBB Otso: Kaori wins 2nd Big Jump Challenge, gets Big 4 slot

Kaori wins PBB Otso's second Big Jump Challenge, secures Big 4 slot.

January 4, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Kaori Oinuma (age 18) of Miyagi, Japan won the second Big Jump Challenge on Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso, ensuring her a slot in the Big 4.

The challenge called “Last Doll Standing” consisted of holding a pole, with a doll on top. The housemate challenger who holds the pole for the longest time, without the doll falling from the top, would be declared the winner.

PBB OTSO: Kaori, wins second Big Jump challenge

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Kaori bested the other housemates who played the Big Jump Challenge including Karina Bautista, Lie Reposposa, Reign Parani, and Seth Fedelin.

As of now, PBB Otso has only two open slots for the Big 4, since the first two slots have already been won by Jelay Pilones (age 17) of Labangal, General Santos and Kaori.

With the recent eviction of Rhys Eugenio, four housemates will vie for the last two slots. The fate of Karina Bautista, Lie Reposposa, Reign Parani and Seth Fedelin, are now in the hands of the public, whose votes will determine the winners of the last remaining slots.

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