PBB Otso: Proposal of Mitch Talao’s longtime partner

A wedding proposal at the PBB Otso house from Mitch Talao's longtime partner.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Mitch Talao, a ‘Pinoy Big Brother: Otso’ housemate, was surprised by the marriage proposal from her longtime partner, Donnalyn “Dudz” Ibanez. It was the second surprise she had from the show. First, her 2-year-old son went inside the PBB house to visit her and it made Mitch Talao emotional.

This second visit is perhaps a very memorable one for Mitch Talao. Dudz entered the PBB house to propose to Mitch Talao on January 25, 2019 episode (Day 18). With the help of “Kuya” (Big Brother) and other PBB Otso housemates, they planned a successful proposal.

PBB OTSO Day 18: Kuya supports Dudz in proposing to Mitch

Dudz went to the PBB house and talked to “Kuya”. When asked to tell their story, Dudz said they met during the fiesta at Lucena City, Quezon Province, Philippines. He instantly liked Mitch Talao the first time he saw her. Right then and there, he pursued her. Like a traditional Filipino love story, Dudz courted her, gifted her food and flowers.

According to Dudz, Mitch and him have been together for almost four years. Most of the time in their relationship, he said they have happy moments, especially when their child was born.

“Kuya” asked Dudz why he’s proposing to Mitch Talao. He explained that marriage is important to him because he wants their relationship to be legal. Aside from that, he wants to show Mitch how much he loves her, and that Mitch Talao is the one he wants to be with until they grow old.

Since their situation isn’t like the ordinary, “Kuya” asked Dudz what he can say about people who will judge the oddity of their relationship. Mitch Talao is a transgender woman, while Dudz is a lesbian. According to Dudz, he doesn’t care what people think because people will always judge you. What matters to him is that he has a kid and has a partner who loves him. He can’t ask for more, he added.

“Kuya” told Dudz that in his eyes, all people are equal, whether they are a woman or a man, and whatever gender they want to be. The important things are the decisions you’re making and that you show love for others, according to “Kuya”.

After “Kuya” got to know Dudz, he gave him permission to propose to Mitch Talao inside the PBB house. But “Kuya” believes that everything has to be worked for. The boy housemates will be given a task so “Kuya” will allow him to propose to Mitch at the PBB house.

PBB OTSO Day 18: Boys doing the hula hoops task for Mitch and Dudz

PBB OTSO Day 18: Housemates finds a way to get the hula hoop ring on the roof

The task was the boys would shoot 43 hula hoop rings on a pink pole which was on the other end of the pool. After a couple of hours, the boy housemates successfully completed the task. Because of that, Dudz could propose to Mitch Talao, but on one condition, Dudz will do it as a ghost wearing a black robe, long fingers, and a mask.

All Dudz brought with him was the engagement ring for Mitch Talao. So “Kuya” gave Dudz a bouquet of flowers for Mitch Talao.

To make the proposal memorable, the boy housemates told the girl housemates to dress up for a party because they succeeded in the task that “Kuya” gave them. Just as planned, Dudz, dressed as a ghost, went to the PBB garden where the housemates were gathering. He scared each one of them. His last stop was Mitch Talao.

PBB OTSO Day 18: An emotional wedding proposal of Dudz for Mitch

Dudz gave the flowers to Mitch Talao, then he removed his mask. Mitch was all smiles to see Dudz. Mitch asked him, “Why are you here?” Dudz immediately said:

“May 19 of 2015 noong una kitang nakita. Doon ko napatunayan na totoo pala ‘yung love at first sight kasi simula nung araw na ‘yun, hanggang ngayon, hindi ka nawala sa puso ko at saka isip ko. Forty three months ‘yun, sobrang saya, may lungkot. Lalo na nung dumating si baby, sobrang saya nun.

Ngayon nga, nung nakaraang linggo, dun na-realize ko na ang hirap pala ‘pag wala ka, ang lungkot-lungkot. I love you.”

(May 19 of 2015 was the first time I saw you. There I proved that love at first sight is real because starting that day, until now, you’ve always been in my heart and in my mind. That was forty three months ago, it’s been really fun, there was some sad moments. Especially when our baby came to our lives, it was the happiest moment.

Now, for the past week, I realized how hard it is without you, it’s really sad. I love you.)

Mitch Talao replied, “I love you more”. Dudz then took out the ring which is in a yellow square box. Mitch was so shocked when she saw it. Dudz went down on his knee then said, “Will you marry me?” Mitch couldn’t believe what’s happening. She asked, “Is this true?” Dudz replied, “It’s true”. Mitch just kept on laughing and asking “Is this true?”

Dudz finally put the ring on Mitch’s finger and said “I love you” to her once again. They kissed, they hugged, and the housemates clapped for an emotional and inspiring marriage proposal.

“Kuya” thanked Mitch Talao and Dudz for sharing their marriage proposal to the world. And for proving that love is for everyone. That age, gender and social status don’t matter. That all people have the right to love.

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