PBB Otso Teen Winner kept secret, new Star Dreamers introduced

PBB Otso Teen Winner kept a secret for now and new Star Dreamers are introduced.

January 6, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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The public has chosen its 1st Teen Winner for Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso on January 6, 2019, getting 37.48% of the votes, but Big Brother chose not to announce it.

The ranking of the Teen Big 4 housemates, which include Karina Bautista (age 16), Jelay Pilones (age 17), Kaori Oinuma (age 18) and Lie Reposposa (age 15), were not also made known.

According to Big Brother, the rankings of the Big 4 as well as the first batch Teen Winner will be announced simultaneously with the other batch winners of PBB Otso.

Host Toni Gonzaga revealed the percentage of votes that each unnamed Big 4 housemate received. The Teen Big 4 winner dominates with 37.48% of the votes, followed by Teen Big 4 runner-up with 29.22%. The last two received 23.52% and 9.79% of the votes.

All of the Teen Big 4 housemates are now free to go to the outside world.

Meanwhile, a total of 8 new Adult Star Dreamers were introduced to the public. It’s a mix of different personalities and characters.

The first batch of Adult Star Dreamers include a pure Japanese vlogger named Fumiya Sankai, a trans mom named Mitch, an American-Filipino named Andre Brouillette. There’s also a Filipino-Lebanese named Abi, a funny man named YamYam, and a tall model named Lou. Most interesting of all, the batch includes two siblings (Apey and Mark) who are unaware that they are brother and sister.

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