PBB Rocky Reunion: Apey’s pride vs her dreams

PBB Otso: Apey vs Mark. Confrontation over pride, seeing their father, and dreams.

by Jessie Mendoza

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The “Pinoy Big Brother: Otso” January 26, 2019 episode (Day 19) was probably one of the most intense episodes to date. This episode showed exactly how Apey feels about what happened to her life. Anger corrupted her heart when given the task that will finally allow her to see her father. But because of that hurtful past, her elder brother, Mark, had become the punching bag accepting all Apey’s jabs at him.

On social media, viewers vented out their frustrations about how they feel in watching Apey’s anger on TV. The most used word on the comments section was “stress”. Many people expressed how stressful it was watching Apey’s bad behavior towards Mark who had been trying to help her out on the very hard task she needed to complete.

“Kuya” (big brother) knows that Apey has been longing to see her father. Before “Kuya” permits her to see her father, she has to do a task but should she feel tired, she can only ask help from her 2-in-1 housemate, her brother, Mark. The said task was for Apey to pull the giant hand of a clock and make 272 turns in 8 hours. Take note, the clock’s hand was super heavy, it would be hard for Apey to do it alone.

At the confession room, when asked by “Kuya” how she felt that she might soon see her father, Apey responded, “I’m excited, Kuya. I’ll finally see him.” Apey was teary eyed so “Kuya” asked her why, Apey said that it was nice to know that “Kuya” is there for her no matter what. She thanked “Kuya” for understanding her.

After talking to “Kuya”, Apey revealed to other housemates that she has a new task that will allow her to see her father. But things slowly turned sour while she was getting ready for the task. The very supportive Mark went up to Apey and asked her about the full instructions of the task. Apey’s response was forced, she obviously wanted to distant herself from Mark.

Mark felt the resistance from Apey. He wasn’t sure if Apey would give him a chance to help her on the task.

The tension started when Apey and Mark both entered the activity area. Mark saw how heavy the clock hand that Apey needed to move. He uttered “Oh my God!” and couldn’t help but cry. He tried to act tough to mask his crying. He walked to a table where the safety gears were located. He told Apey to go to him because he would put them on her.

Apey got annoyed asking Mark, “Why are you crying, kuya?” Mark responded, “Nothing. It’s nothing.” Apey replied, “How will I have courage if you’re crying?”

PBB OTSO Day 19: Apey chose not to ask help from Mark

Apey started her task looking so tough, full of angst. Mark tried to help her but she kept pushing Mark away telling him, “No, kuya. Let me do it.” This made Mark sad and frustrated.

The first time Apey tried moving the clock hand, Mark didn’t forget to show his support for Apey reminding Apey that she needed 20 seconds each full turn to complete the 272 turns in 8 hours. Apey finally exploded and replied “I also don’t know 20 seconds because I’m not good in Math. I’m not good in numbers.”

Apey was struggling to move the giant clock hand. As she was rotating the wheel of the clock hand to her direction, Mark gave another suggestion, “Pull this way.” Apey commanded Mark to not meddle with her business. Mark was so worried that because of how slowly Apey was turning the giant clock hand, she might not make 272 full turns in time.

While moving the giant clock hand, Apey spit out a comment, “I lived alone.” Housemate Mitch noticed that Apey looked daggers at Mark. Abi said, “Yup, I feel hurt.” Abi observed that Apey was behaving that way because she’s used to being alone and now needs to share her dreams with her brother whom she just met inside the PBB house.

Fumiya Sankai observed that Apey still doesn’t accept the 2-in-1 rule which was implemented after the arrival of Mark. Fumiya and Yamyam hope that everything will turn out fine for Apey, that she sees her father in the end.

After two hours of moving the giant clock hand, Apey rested and commented, “2001, 2002, there I became aware of some things. I knew how hard our life was. I learned how to be thrifty.”

Before Apey can get back to work on the task again, “Kuya” added more weight to the giant clock hand”. It was shocking for Apey. She said to herself, “They’re really making it hard for me so that I ask for help.” But Apey would rather struggle than ask help form Mark. She wanted to prove that she could do it by herself. It hurt Mark because he felt that Apey hates him so much. Mark offered his help once again but Apey said, “No!”

PBB OTSO Day 19: Apey and Mark’s confrontation in the middle of a special task by Big Brother

During the break, Mark told the housemates, “I was praying that her anger fades away but it seems like she hates me so much.” Lou told Mark, “No, kuya, it was the situation.” Yamyam commented, “I saw in her eyes that she’s really mad.” The way Mark saw it, Apey didn’t want to swallow her pride.

Mark’s intention was to help Apey finish the task. Even if he knew Apey was mad at him, he still talked to her about the task. Apey insisted that she would finish the task alone and that it’s OK if she fails. But Mark wanted her to realize that there are two of them at the PBB house. That he could help her achieve her dream of seeing their father.

He wanted Apey to understand that what she felt inside was making it harder for her to finish the task. That it was the reason why she was not happy anymore. Apey kept saying if she fails, then she wouldn’t see their father, and that would be fine. Mark asked her if that decision is smart, that she wouldn’t ask for help to complete the task. Mark tried to make Apey include him on the task. Apey finally had it and took off her gloves saying, “This is what you like, right? There. You do it.”

PBB OTSO Day 19: Mark teaches Apey a lesson

After a while, Apey changed her mind. She asked Mark to give back her safety gears. Mark begged her to let him do it but it didn’t work on Apey. He finally asked Apey, “Who are you mad at? Me or our situation? Because it’s not smart. It’s not wise. It’s not smart, but it’s pride.”

Apey replied, “You know why? Because what I want is me alone in this house of “Kuya” because I have a dream for mama. If you have a dream, that’s for your family. I’m not like this. I don’t know how I became like this.”

Mark: It’s up to you. I hope you come to your senses even a little. No one has done this to me. It’s just you who happens to be my sibling.

Apey: Don’t compare me to others, kuya. You don’t know me, you don’t know what happened in my life since I was a kid. You don’t know anything, kuya.

Mark couldn’t contain his emotions any longer. He exploded but in a decent manner. He confronted Apey for the first time. He said:

“What’s my fault? Do I deserve your anger towards me? What did I do? I didn’t do anything to you. Learn how to get along. We’re one. I didn’t do anything to you. Be humane. What you’re doing is not right… What are you doing to me? You’re treating me like an animal.”

Although Mark exploded and confronted Apey for behaving badly, Mark maintained his logic and reasoning and acted like an ideal elder brother. He layed out all the details why he thought Apey was in the wrong, but at the same time he showed his understanding and compassion for her.

So many people online felt bad for Mark for how he was treated by his younger sibling. They praised Mark for being a great brother. But it was the opposite for Apey. Majority of the comments about her attitude in this episode were negative. Here are some of the tweets about Apey:

“I don’t see a strong independent woman but rather a selfish, ill-mannered full of pride girl.”

“Ayan na naman si Apey, she puts words on people’s mouths, lalo na pag may nasabing hindi maganda sa kanya, she takes their words on another level. She wants people to understand her yet she is so close minded.”

“Seriously, i don’t find Apey’s reason for joining PBB was to see her father or any other family member. I just felt she used the situation to spice up her story so she could get inside PBB. This really gets in my nerve! Selfishness at its finest.”

“Never use broken family as an excuse for lack of manners. Very wrong Apey.”

“It’s not smart and you’re not smart are two different things Apey 🙂 Try to listen, don’t let your stupid emotions ruin your image in the house. Eviction is waiting for you girl if you’ll keep that kind of attitude.”

“After Bea and Maricris’ confrontation, this has got to be one of the realest things I have watched in PBB. Grabe. Exhilarating not in an adventurous way, but because your heart is being wrenched because of so much emotions.”

“Confirmed. Apey’s not happy with Kuya’s decision making her and Mark a 2-in-1 hm. In short, she’s mad at Kuya but she wont admit that (Kuya owns the house obviously). So she blames Mark instead. She takes her anger out on Mark tsk tsk toxic.”

“Apey is cancelled. She’s the worst housemate ever. Fight me.”

“Apey’s attitude is an example of toxic filipino traits!”

“It’s good to be independent but girl, your selfishness and pride is way more high than your dreams. GOSH. Stop this 2-in-1 PBB. Mark doesn’t deserve her.”

“Apey has this “attitude”. Never listens to the opinion of others, always stand on her point of view ,selfish and basically rude.She really needs psychological help.”

“I know she lived alone but is that an excuse to reject her kuya who is kind to her? And a bitchy attitude lol seriously? we’re seeing her true color she doesn’t deserved to be in there.”

“Remembered how apey tried imposing what and how marie should feel. Now, it’s her time to realize what it really feels like!! Her Attitude Problem + Anger Management must be addressed.”

“I think Apey needs help. Her attitude isn’t healthy. Hindi lang ‘yun basta mapride lang. I think something is really wrong. Oo mahirap pinagdaanan nya but that ain’t an excuse.”

“Dear Apey, was it all for show when you told everyone how much you wanted to meet your dad and siblings? Was it all for the sake of having an interesting story to get inside PBB?”

“Lakas pa mag advice kay Marie before na she should accept her mother with all her heart but, look at her now!! She’s being selfish and stone-hearted.”

“Apey is becoming unreasonable. It was as if it was Mark’s fault why she grew up with the situation she was in.”

“I feel bad for Apey also. She really needs a psychological help. She never listens to the opinion of others. Too much pride. Praying for her.”

“Apey is full or pride. She’s insensitive. She really needs psychological help. Maraming tao na galing sa broken families and built their own walls but not to the extent na maninigaw ka ng taong wala naman ginagawang masama. Pride -one of the 7 deadly sins.”

Meanwhile, here are some of the comments about how great Mark was in confronting Apey:

“Hands down ako kay Mark for being super patient and understanding kay Apey. I see the kuya that we all want to have and the ideal professional teacher we need in our schools.”

“Kuddos to Mark’s word. He is indeed a matured and open minded person who deals with her immature sister.”

“I admire Mark’s heart. He has such a pure soul. Apey is very lucky to have him, someday, hopefully she’ll move on from all the pain in her heart and be genuinely happy.”

“How I wish I have a kuya like mark who’s there to assure you that he’s more than willing to be a brother to you, to understand you, at laging magpapakumbaba para sa’yo. He can be your bestfriend brother! How can someone like Apey be ungrateful to that?”

After all that Mark said to Apey, what stuck to people were these phrases:

“It’s not smart, but it’s pride.”

“Pangarap o pakikisama?”

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