TWBA: Seth Fedelin’s relationship status (PBB Otso)

PBB Otso ex-housemate Seth Fedelin talked about his real relationship status on "Tonight with Boy Abunda".

January 19, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso ex-housemate Seth Fedelin (age 16) revealed on Philippine evening talk show “Tonight With Boy Abunda” (TWBA) that he and his non-showbiz girlfriend are now “just friends”.

His revelation came as a surprise to many people, including the audience in the TWBA studio.

When Seth entered the Pinoy Big Brother house, almost every PBB follower knew that he had a non-showbiz girlfriend in the outside world.

He told Boy Abunda that he denied he had a girlfriend at one point, not because he didn’t want to show her to other people, but because he wanted to protect her.

Asked if his girlfriend was hurt by his denial, Seth said they talked about it before he joined PBB.

As to his breakup, he explained that he didn’t want to hurt a girl, and that he told his girlfriend:

Ayokong maging unfair sayo. Kasi alam ng lahat na wala pero siguro ikaw nasasaktan ka at alam ko yun.

[I do not want to be unfair to you. Everyone knows there is nothing, but maybe you are getting hurt, and I know that.]

Seth Fedelin left the decision to his girlfriend, who in turn advised him to pursue his dreams. She told Seth that she will be there to support him.

As of now, they are still the best of friends, according to Seth Fedelin.

TWBA: Seth talks about his real relationship status

[ref: ABS-CBN Entertainment]

While inside the PBB house, it was apparent that Seth did not get romantically close to any of the female PBB housemates of Teen Batch 1, although he was being paired by fans with some of them.

In the interview with host Boy Abunda, he said he advised PBB Otso housemate and one of the Teen Big 4 finalists, Karina Bautista (age 16), who also had a boyfriend in the outside world.

Karina got confused while inside the PBB house because she was falling for Aljon Mendoza (age 17), one of the housemates (who eventually got evicted).

Seth, who admitted that he likes Karina and wants to be paired with her someday, told her to wait and think things over.

TWBA: Seth admits that he likes Karina

[ref: ABS-CBN Entertainment]

Seth Fedelin told Karina to understand the situation of her boyfriend. He told her that had it been the other way around, wherein Karina would be on the outside world and her boyfriend inside the PBB house, then it would be very painful on her part too.

He said there should be respect and “iba yung nagmamahal sayo kesa yung mamahalin mo pa” [it is different or better that someone loves you now than you learning to love someone.]

Seth Fedelin also told Karina to remain friends with Aljon even if she decides to be with her boyfriend in the end.

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