WATCH: Miss Universe Catriona Gray US interviews

Watch Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray's impressive interviews in US talk shows.

by Marsha Dizon

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Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray (age 25) impressed everyone during her initial interviews in US talk shows “Live Kelly and Ryan” and “Good Morning America” on January 7, 2019

Wearing a crisp yellow body hugging dress, Catriona proved to the hosts and audience why she won Miss Universe.

Live Kelly and Ryan

At the “Live Kelly and Ryan” show, the hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest greeted Catriona a “Happy Birthday” (Catriona was born January 6). Catriona said she saw Broadway, had a food trip, and has been to HillSong for her birthday.

Asked about her experience with winter, Catriona says she wears three layers of clothing and looks all fluffy like “siopao” (steamed bun).

Despite that, Catriona says she enjoys the climate, considering that Australia and the Philippines have only hot season (summer) and wet season. Catriona Gray was born and grew up in Australia but transferred to the Philippines in her teens.

Asked about her mom’s dream of her becoming Miss Universe, Catriona said she was about 13 years when her Filipino mom told her, “Honey, I had a dream that you won Miss Universe in a red dress.”

She said she didn’t mind it at that time and just said, “Ok, mom.”

Miss Universe Catriona Gray at Live Kelly and Ryan

[ref: LIVEKellyandRyan]

But 12 years later, that dream did come true, and Catriona Gray won Miss Universe in a red gown which is called the “Lava” gown by its designer, Mak Tumang.

When the gown was praised by Kelly, Catriona explained that it drew inspiration from Mayon Volcano.

Filipinos in the audience started cheering and Catriona explained that Filipino fans are the “best fans in the world”.

As the interview continued, a picture of a 5-year-old Catriona Gray when she won Little Miss Philippines in Sydney was shown. And though Catriona
said she didn’t undergo a transformative puberty when Kelly remarked that she looked unchanged, she admitted she had her awkward years.

Catriona Gray said that she was already 5’8″ at age 12. She used to be good in sports, but it “went out of the window” when she was 12, and she became uncoordinated. The reigning Miss Universe is now 5’9″ and she grew out of that awkward phase pretty well.

Ryan Seacrest asked Catriona Gray about her platform, which is education. Catriona then explained that education is something that can be given to a child or adult that can never be taken away from them.

She went on to discuss about her work with the organization Young Focus Philippines, which gives quality access to education for impoverished areas. She said that at the end of the day, it’s education that can really “pull a family out of poverty”, that’s why she’s passionate about it.

After Catriona said that, Ryan Seacrest remarked, “I’m just thinking, wow, your parents must be remarkable!”

Kelly agreed and said, “I bet they are.”


Catriona Gray pays tribute to her parents
Catriona Gray pays tribute to her mum and dad.

Good Morning America

In the “Good Morning America” interview, Catriona was introduced by host Ginger Zee as “a woman who is just gorgeous inside and out”

Catriona mom’s dream was brought up again and her platform about education.

Miss Universe Catriona Gray talks to ‘GMA’

[ref: Good Morning America]

Ginger then asked that since Catriona Gray has a voice (Catriona is also a singer), “Will we hear you on a stage, once you’re done with all the Miss Universe?”


Catriona Gray sings ‘We’re in This Together’ in music video
Watch Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s music video titled ‘We’re in This Together’.

Catriona said she hopes so and added that even as a Miss Universe she would love to participate in a benefit concert to merge her love for music and in giving back.”I think that would be amazing,” she said.

To which, Ginger Zee replied, “Well, obviously you’re perfect, and that’s why you won the Miss Universe!”

Catriona reacted with a hearty laugh as Ginger thanked her.

With those initial interviews, Catriona Gray is winning more hearts with her beauty, wit, and charm. No wonder her Instagram account hit 4 million followers recently, from less than a million followers a day before she won the Miss Universe pageant on December 17, 2018.

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