Will Filipina Bella Santiago represent Romania at Eurovision

Bella Santiago could represent Romania at Eurovision Song Contest 2019 if she wins Eurovision Romania 2019.

by Jessie Mendoza

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Filipina singer, Bella Santiago (age 29), won the “X Factor Romania” Season 8 on December 22, 2018, singing Beyonce mashup.

Bella Santiago sings Beyonce mashup | X Factor Romania 2018 finals

Now, Bella Santiago is one of the six finalists in Selecția Națională 2019 (Romanian for “The National Selection”). Selecția Națională is a song contest which takes place in Romania every year. If Bella Santiago wins, she will represent Romania at the 64th Eurovision Song Contest (2019).

Eurovision Song Contest is an international singing competition held primarily among the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. Eurovision Song Contest 2019 will take place in Expo Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv, Israel, since they won the contest in 2018 contest with the song “Toy”, performed by Netta. The contest will consist of two semi-finals which will be on May 14-16, 2019. Meanwhile, the finals will be on May 18, 2019.

Bella Santiago competed against 11 contestants on Selecția Națională 2019’s first semi-final round on January 27, 2019. And the Selecția Națională 2019 (Eurovision Romania 2019) finals will be on February 17, 2019.

24 song entries were selected for the Selecția Națională semi-finals. “Army of Love”, which was written by Bella Santiago and Alexandru Luft, is one of the wilcard songs due to the withdrawal of two singers from the contest. According to Bella Santiago, “Army of Love is a story about fighting for what you love.”

“Army Of Love” by Bella Santiago | Selecția Națională 2019, 1st Semi-Final

This is not Bella Santiago’s first time to compete to be Romania’s represetative at the Eurovision Song Contest. Back in 2018, she participated at the Selecția Națională 2018 (Eurovision Romania 2018) with a Romanian band, Jukebox. They sang “Auzi cum bate” (English: Hear it beating), and they finished fourth with 1,728 votes on February 25, 2018.

Bella Santiago decided to join Selecția Națională 2019 by herself alone this time. She said, “I joined again because last year I was with a band and we did not have a song like what I have now where in I can dance and do rap in Philippine language.”

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