Andi Eigenmann is pregnant, shares baby bump photos

Andi Eigenmann reveialed via Instagram that she is pregnant with her second child.

by Marsha Dizon

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Actress and model Andi Eigenmann is pregnant with her second child.

Andi announced her pregnancy via Instagram Stories on February 1, 2019, sharing with her followers some photos showing her growing baby bump.

The actress said that she is more than 14 weeks pregnant. This would be Andi’s first child with her boyfriend, champion surfer Philmar Alipayo.

Andi’s first child, seven-year-old Adrianna Gabrielle “Ellie” Eigenmann, is very much excited about her unborn sibling. Ellie is Andi’s child with actor Jake Ejercito.

On her Instagram stories, Andi wrote:

“Haven’t been as active on social media for many (great) reasons. Been adjusting slowly but surely to my “new life”. The journey has been so exciting, yet scary at the same time, but we have been so happy and at peace nonetheless. Still wouldn’t have my life any other way. We are now on our way to moving to our new island home where my growing family will make more joyful memories together. Our loved ones, specially Ellie and @chepoxz, and I cannot wait. Anyway, here is a body update…”

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andi eigenmann baby bump pictures

In an exclusive interview with Cosmo Philippines, Andi said she does not want to speak of her future now. She just want to enjoy her life with Ellie and Philmar and every moment of her pregnancy. As for her career, she said, “we will see where it goes”.

Andi also said that when it comes to her residency, she bought land in Baler and started basing her life there. But she decided to live in Siargao, instead.

Siargao is her favorite island, and her boyfriend is also based there.

Andi now splits her time between Manila and Siargao because Ellie is still studying in Manila.

More than a year ago, Andi Eigenmann said she was quitting the “artista life”. She sold everything, rid herself of celebrity luxury, and lived in Baler, with surfing as her primary activity.

Andi did not quit acting though, she only chose to live a simpler lifestyle.

Now that she is based in Siargao with her boyfriend and her growing family, Andi seems to be very happy and contented with what’s happening in her life. At this point, Andi appears to be living the life she has always wanted.

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