Anne Curtis priceless reaction to Dua Lipa video greeting

Anne Curtis gets a surprise video greeting from singer Dua Lipa.

February 16, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Actress and TV host Anne Curtis-Smith had an advance birthday celebration on her regular noontime show, “It’s Showtime”.

Amid the production numbers to celebrate her birthday which actually falls on February 17, and then the VTR greetings, Anne Curtis got the surprise of her life when her co-host Vice Ganda said that aside from all of those, there is someone else who wanted to greet her.

In another screen, Dua Lipa’s video greeting was shown. And the shocked Anne Curtis could not help it when her jaw dropped and her mouth opened as Dua Lipa talked.

She then covered her mouth, eyes still unbelieving that English singer-songwriter Dua Lipa has a VTR solely for her.

Dua Lipa said, “Hey Anne Curtis, I’m Dua Lipa. Looking forward to see you very soon. Enjoy my latest song, Swan song, from Alita Battle Angel.”

The world-famous singer ended the video clip with a flying kiss.

On Instagram, Anne Curtis posted the video and commented that it was a real fantasy and that Dua Lipa’s greeting totally blew her mind. She said, that her fan girl heart is so happy with the VTR.

Here’s Anne Curtis Smith’s complete post about Dua Lipa’s surprise greeting:

Anne Curtis @annecurtissmith
February 16, 2019

Real Fantasy.
I won’t stay quiet! I won’t stay quiet. Mwah! Guaranteed you totally blew my mind @dualipa and I am dying to see you perform again real soon! I have no words. (Obvs from my reaction) My fan girl heart is sooooooooo happy. Never in my wildest dreams. Thank you @warnermusicph for this super sweet surprise and to my @itsshowtimeofficial_ig for my beautiful birthday video presentation. Best birthday salubong ever!!!!! AHHHHHHHH I’M SOOOOOOO KILIG!!!!!!

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