Katrina Velarde “All By Myself” birit challenge on GGV

Katrina Velarde winning "All By Myself" birit challenges on GGV.

February 20, 2019 by Jessie Mendoza

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One of the best singers today in the Philippines, Katrina Velarde (age 24), recently appeared on the comedy talk show, Gandang Gabi Vice (GGV), hosted by Filipino comedian Vice Ganda (age 42).

As a tradition on the show, Vice Ganda challenges singers to perform while under pressure, and that segment is called “birit challenge”.

Last time, Vice Ganda challenged Asia’s Phoenix, Morissette Amon (age 22), to sing “Pangarap Ko Ang Ibigin Ka” not only in different positions but also while wearing a cheek retractor. Morissette Amon was all game and she was impressive in that episode which you can watch here: Morissette Amon birit challenge

Meanwhile, Katrina Velarde was also brave enough to participate in every challenge that Vice Ganda gave her.

Before the challenge, Vice Ganda asked Katrina Velarde which song she finds hard to sing. Katrina Velarde answered, “All By Myself”, by Canadian singer Celine Dion. According to her, it might be because of the dynamics of the song, and the high notes of Celine Dion on it.

Vice Ganda asked Katrina Velarde about the hardest part of the “All By Myself” song. For her, it’s the chorus. She sang the chorus effortlessly then Vice Ganda commented, “You said you find that part difficult.” Singing that part of the song is hard, said Katrina, but it just doesn’t look that way when she sings it.

GGV: Katrina Velarde wows Vice Ganda as she takes on a birit challenge

Katrina Velarde does clothespin, limbo rock, and mechanical bull challenges

The first challenge was Katrina Velarde had to sing “All By Myself” while there’s a clothespin on her nose. It’s already difficult to sing when you’ve got a cold, what more if you put a clothespin on your nose.

It was impressive that Katrina Velarde managed to sing and hit the notes of the song no matter what the situation she was in. It’s unbelievable how she can easily push herself to go on higher than the high notes the song requires. According to Vice Ganda, something must be inside Katrina Velarde’s being.

People will definitely not believe her when she says a performance is hard for her given that she’s fun and all smiles when she sings.

It didn’t seem like singing with a clothespin on the nose was a challenge for Katrina Velarde at all. Vice Ganda decided to increase the level of difficulty of the next challenge which was singing “All By Myself” while doing limbo rock.

That limbo rock challenge was a risk. It distorts your body and nobody normally sings in that position, but it was so amazing that Katrina Velarde gave an incredible performance despite the pressure. It’s as if there’s nothing she cannot do. She deserves a more impactful title than “suklay diva” for her out-of-this-world singing capabilities. Something like “sonic diva” or “ultrasonic diva”. We’ve been hoping for a long time now that she gets a new title.

Since the clothespin and limbo rock challenges weren’t enough, Vice Ganda had to be more creative in the final challenge. This time, Katrina Velarde had to sing “All By Myself” while riding a mechanical bull. Her performance while on a mechanical bull was great. It was crazy, good crazy.

Katrina Velarde was unstoppable. It was exhausting and entertaining at the same time to watch Katrina Velarde do the challenges on this episode of GGV. It’s great to see what Katrina Velarde would do to entertain the audience. She’s good. Really good.

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