PBB Otso: Apey gets evicted, says sorry to her brother Mark

Apey Obera gets evicted from PBB Otso, says sorry to her brother Mark in a heart-to-heart talk.

by Marsha Dizon

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Apey Obera (age 22) of General Santos became the second evictee of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso Adult Batch 1.

The other evictee nominees, namely Wakim Regalado (age 19) and Lou Yanong (age 21) were voted “safe” for the PBB Otso Batch 2 Second Eviction night on February 10, 2019.

Apey got the lowest public vote among the three nominees, with 15.49% of the public vote, followed by Wakim, who got 28.98%. Lou got the highest number of votes, getting 55.53% of the public vote.

Before she left the PBB House, Apey said “Sorry” a lot of times to her long-lost brother, Mark Obera, with whom she reunited with at the Pinoy Big Brother house.

She even said “I love you” to Mark, something which really touched Mark and made him cry.

Apey also said her goodbyes to all housemates, but she made a special farewell to Japanese vlogger, Fumiya Sankai. She told Fumiya it’s the first time she met a non-Filipino who treated her like a sister.

Fumiya Sankai cried as Apey asked him to remember her and that they hopefully stay as good friends. She said she is happy to have a friend like Fumiya who is like a “Baby Boy”.

When she went outside the PBB house, Apey also said that Fumiya was the most “real” among all housemates she lived with for several weeks.

PBB Otso: Nominees say goodbye, Apey gets evicted

[ref: PBBotso Upd8te]

[ref: PBBotso Upd8te]

In place of Apey Obera, Star Dreamer Mary Grace, dubbed as Inday Taray of Davao Occidental, was chosen by Big Brother as the newest PBB Otso housemate.

Mary Grace used to work as a domestic helper in Hong Kong and was chosen as a housemate because she courageously expresses her opinions, is not ashamed to show her emotions, and recently faced a task outside her comfort zone.

2 in 1 Housemates Apey and Mark

Apey and Mark Obera had a tearful reunion at first inside the PBB house. But their relationship turned sour when Big Brother decided to make them 2 in 1 housemates.

The conflict between them led to a heated argument when Big Brother gave Apey a task that’s impossible to achieve alone.

Though Apey is allowed to ask help from Mark, who was offering help at several points during the task, Apey chose not to do so and made harsh remarks directed at Mark.

Losing his cool, Mark also confronted Apey, making one of the most dramatic episodes in the history of Pinoy Big Brother.

The confrontation between Apey and Mark, became a hot topic online, with netizens siding more on the side of Mark and admiring his efforts to try to gain the love and respect of his long-lost half sister.

The decision to separate Apey and Mark into individual housemates was given to the PBB Otso housemates and the public. Through their combined votes, Mark and Apey were voted to become individual housemates again.

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