PBB Otso: Wakim, Mitch get evicted, Hanie new housemate

Housemates Wakim Regalado and Mitch Talao gets evicted from PBB Otso.

February 25, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso Adult housemates Wakim Regalado (age 19) of Iloilo City and Mitch Talao (age 29) of Lucena City were both evicted from the Pinoy Big Brother house on February 24, 2019.

Wakim and Mitch were among the list of nominees which included Japanese vlogger Fumiya Sankai and his PBB buddy Yamyam Gucong (also collectively known as FumiYam) and model Lou Yanong (age 21) of Mandaluyong.

Among the nominees, Yamyam (age 25) got the highest percentage of the total votes cast by the public, with 38.72%. Lou had the second highest percentage of votes with 25.58%, while Fumiya Sankai placed third with 23.34%.

Wakim, who was nominated for the 4th time, got 7.66% of the public vote, while Mitch got 4.7%, the lowest percentage among the eviction nominees.

Transgender mom Mitch was the first evictee revealed by PBB host Toni Gonzaga. Although she was evicted, Mitch accepted the announcement calmly. She later said in the interview with Pamu Pamorada and Fifth Solomon Pagotan that she was sad of course, but she felt like a big winner already when her wedding with partner Dudz was held inside the PBB house.

Mitch evicted from PBB Otso

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

Asked by Toni Gonzaga as to who among the housemates changed a lot, Mitch cited Wakim, saying that he became more matured and also more responsible when it came to household chores. She said she will also miss Lou the most. She advised the remaining housemates to stay humble and down to earth and to keep on fighting.

Meanwhile, upon hearing that he was evicted, Wakim said he has accomplished his mission. He said he has been saved three times and that he can only be saved so many times. Inside the confession room, he said “ouch” repeatedly while Big Brother had the last talk with him inside the confession room.

Wakim evicted from PBB Otso

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

When asked by Toni Gonzaga as to who among the housemates did not change, remained true to himself or had a consistent attitude inside the PBB house, Wakim blurted out “I feel like my big winner is Fumiya Sankai!”. He also thanked his supporters, “Wakimons”, for saving him three times in the past nominations.

During the interview with Pamu and Fifth, Wakim said he wants to live with no regrets. He said sorry for his faults, that he needs to be a better person and then gave thanks for understanding him. He said the lessons he learned from Big Brother is not to overthink and to rely more on his friends. He said he will miss most the PBB boys Fumiya, Yamyam, Andre and also Mary Grace.

He regrets saying things which was okay for him, but wasn’t OK for others. Wakim also revealed that he lost 11 kilos while he was inside the PBB house.

As a last message for his former housemates, Wakim told them to continue the fight. He said he loves them all and said sorry and thanked them for making him a better person.

In place of the evictees, Star Dreamer Hanie Jarrar (age 19) from Camp Star Hunt became a housemate. Hanie is a 19-year-old half-Jordanian, half-Filipino from Isabela City.

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