PBB Otso: Yamyam nominated for eviction, Fumiya gets emotional

Yamyam remains a PBB Otso housemate but is nominated for eviction. Fumiya gets emotional as Yamyam leaves the PBB house.

February 27, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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One of the most popular housemates in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso Adult Batch 1, Yamyam Gucong (age 25) of Bohol, gets automatically nominated for eviction after losing a challenging game against Mark Obera (age 34) on February 26, 2019.

In what seemed like a do or die challenge wherein the loser will have to pack his bags to go to the outside world, Mark Obera and Yamyam Gucong fought valiantly in a game that was both mentally and physically exhausting.

The goal of the game was to transfer 3 balls to a container, by letting it roll from a transparent tube that was tied to both ends by a string. The player can move the ball inside the tube by controlling the strings using only his feet.

The player who completed the game in the least possible time wins.

PBB Otso: Mark vs. Yamyam

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

Yamyam Gucong finished the game in 36 minutes and 3 seconds, while Mark completed the challenging game in 14 minutes and 47 seconds.

Before the announcement, both Mark and Yamyam were asked to prepare their suitcases in preparation for leaving the PBB house.

When it was announced that Mark won the game, Yamyam accepted his defeat like a real man. He faced the other housemates with open arms, saying “Guys, thank you for the experience!”

Lou Yanong, one of the housemates who’s closest to Yamyam, hugged him tightly.

While he was hugging other housemates, Fumiya Sankai, Yamyam’s so-called spiritual brother inside the PBB house was already visibly crying.

Yamyam hugged Fumiya Sankai for a long time as both of them cried like twin brothers who are about to be torn apart from each other.

Before Yamyam finally went to the confession room, Fumiya hugged him for a second time, sobbing and holding onto him like he never wanted to let him go.

yamyam nominated for eviction, fumiya gets emotional suitcase in tow

When Yamyam left, he said to Fumiya in his broken English that his fans had learned to love, “I will wait you outside.”

Before the game’s winner was announced, Fumiya and Yamyam (also collectively known as FumiYam) already talked on the side. Yamyam said that he will wait for Fumiya in the outside world just in case he gets evicted.

PBB Otso: The Tearful Parting of Yamyam and Fumiya

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

Inside the confession room, Fumiya said he is sad that Yamyam has left the PBB house. He said Yamyam is important to him and that Yamyam is like his real brother.

Fumiyam said they understand each other despite the language barrier and their different cultures. Fumiya vowed to continue his fight not just for his dream but for his brother’s dream.

PBB Otso: Fumiya gets emotional as Yamyam leaves

Prior to the game between Yamyam and Mark, Big Brother’s challenge for the housemates to prove that they should be part of the “apat na karapat dapat” (4 deserving) housemates who should continue staying inside the PBB house, already gained unfavorable reactions online.

Netizens were asking why housemates should be automatically evicted just based on the outcome of a game. Fans said PBB suddenly took on the nature of “Survivor” or “Minute to Win It”, and most of them didn’t like the idea.

Thus when Yamyam lost and said his goodbyes to the other housemates, a lot of PBB fans were already saying it would be the last time they would be watching PBB Otso. Some have even commented that it should be Big Brother who should be evicted instead.

A lot of PBB fans and even ex-housemates like Wakim Regalado and Tori Garcia were rooting for Yamyam to be one of the Big 4 of the PBB Otso Adult Batch 1. For some PBB fans, they even want Yamyam to be the big winner.

But after all the tears that were shed for Yamyam’s lost chance and his sad separation from Fumiya, Big Brother had a surprise for Yamyam at the confession room.

After Yamyam told Big Brother that he will not give up on his dreams, Big Brother surprised Yamyam by saying that he is still not evicted from the PBB house and that he is still an official housemate. Big Brother said that the game was just his way of testing the housemates. Big Brother added that he salutes Yamyam for fighting for his dreams.

However, since Yamyam lost the game vs. Mark, he is automatically nominated for eviction. For the meantime, Yamyam will have to stay out of the PBB house until such time that he is called back by Big Brother.

PBB Otso: Big Brother surprises Yamyam

And because of that twist, Yamyam fans worldwide are celebrating and are all thanking Big Brother for keeping Yamyam as an official housemate.

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