‘The Greatest Showman 2’ with Hugh Jackman is coming

‘The Greatest Showman’ sequel reportedly being worked on by Hugh Jackman.

February 23, 2019 by Jessie Mendoza

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The sequel for ‘The Greatest Showman’ released in 2017 which earned USD 435M at the box office, is really going to happen. ‘The Greatest Showman’ is a movie musical about the life of circus magnate P. T. Barnum. It’s such a huge box office hit that Hollywood definitely capitalise on it, and thus the talk about ‘The Greatest Showman’ sequel in the works, said Michael Gracey (director of ‘The Greatest Showman’).

“When a movie becomes as big a success as this, it’s only natural there is demand for a sequel. So those discussions have started and we are working on one right now.”

‘The Greatest Showman’ lead star Hugh Jackman will be performing songs from the musical on stages across the world throughout the year as part of his tour called, ‘The Man. The Music. The Show’. The said tour will stop at the O2 Arena for six nights in June 2019.

Just recently, Hugh Jackman hinted that Robbie Williams was planning to join him on stage when the global tour arrives in the UK over the summer.

“I’m a big fan of having guests on tour, concerts should feel like something happened that night that couldn’t happen anywhere else. So, I don’t know if I should say, but Robbie’s going to join me at one point.”

Beyond the global tour, Hugh Jackman is also busy at work on a stage version of The Greatest Showman as well.

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