The World’s Best: TNT Boys sing ‘Listen’, advance to next round

TNT Boys advance to the next level of "The World's Best" after an incredible performance of Beyonce's "Listen".

February 20, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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The Filipino boy band TNT Boys impressed the judges of CBS reality talent competition “The World’s Best”, with their amazing rendition of Beyonce’s “Listen” on February 3, 2019.

Belting the song with unbelievably high notes, the show’s main judges, namely actress Drew Barrymore, singer and producer Faith Hill, and actor and singer RuPaul, appeared shocked with how good the young boys performed.

The same reaction can be seen from among the 50 international experts from different fields of entertainment, who are dubbed as the “Wall of the World”

They all gave the boys a standing ovation after the performance, cheering wildly as they did.

The TNT Boys, which is composed of Keifer Sanchez (age 14), Mackie Empuerto (age 13), and Francis Concepcion (age 12), got an almost perfect score of 99 out of 100. They now advance to the next level, the Battle Round.

TNT Boys sing ‘Listen’ at The World’s Best 2019

[ref: Talent Recap]

Comments from the Judges, Host

Host James Corden couldn’t help but praise the boys, saying “That was incredible! Well done!”. He also asked if he can join the group and said, “Just give me a chance,” a suggestion to which the boys happily said “Yeah!”

Here are the comments of the Judges on TNT Boys’ performance:

Faith Hill:

First of all, you have some serious attitude. I mean, you’re so precious and so sweet but when you were singing, you were in that song, you were like, bam!

Drew Barrymore:

You know, I have a soft spot for kids. I was a kid performer but I have kids now. This is a whole other thing. You possess a gift. You’re just that good!


Boys, I have one thing to say – Shante, you stay.

The phrase is a play on words from RuPaul’s hit song “Supermodel”. “Shante”, according to the singer, means “to weave a bewitching spell”.

James Corden also asked the opinion of judges from the “Wall of the World”, about the TNT Boys performance.

He asked the representative of Germany, award winning dancer and choreographer Dennis Jauch, who has worked with Beyonce.

Dennis said he wouldn’t be surprised if Beyonce calls up the TNT boys after their performance and be like, “Join me on the next tour.”

The TNT boys, especially Francis, reacted excitedly to the idea and let out a scream after hearing those words from Dennis.

Pops Fernandez who rolled out the Philippine flag after the TNT Boys’ performance, gave the following comment after she was asked by James Corden: “ Oh my gosh! I am so proud right now to represent the Philippines. On behalf of the Filipinos, guess what? I know for a fact that you can be The World’s Best!”

How the Judges scored TNT Boys Performance

The three American judges of the show gave the TNT boys an average of 49 points.

Actress Drew Barrymore and singer Faith Hill rewarded them with a perfect 50, while actor RuPaul gave them a score of 48.

Another 50 points were given by the “Wall of the World”.

The panel of experts, which includes Philippine representative Pops Fernandez, can give an up or down vote worth 1 point each.

The combined scores of the American judges and the Wall of the World should be a minimum 75 points for the contestant to advance to the Battle Round.

Aside from TNT Boys, three other acts advanced to the Battle Round including the martial arts acrobats group Kukkiwon, who also got a score of 99; country singer Enkh Erdene from Mongolia (97), and violinist Manami Ito from Japan (86).

“The World’s Best” will run for 10 episodes and is produced by Mark Burnett, and Mike Darnell. It debuted on February 3, 2019, right after the Super Bowl.

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