TNT Boys reveals who they want to meet after Ariana Grande

TNT Boys, appears on CBS Los Angeles talking about how fame changed their lives, and who they want to meet after Ariana Grande.

February 22, 2019 by Jessie Mendoza

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After their memorable performance on James Corden’s new reality talent competition show, The World’s Best, TNT Boys from the Philippines has been making rounds in the US shows. Recently, they visited the TV station, CBS Los Angeles, wherein they revealed what the worldwide fame has brought to their lives and their families.

TNT Boys (composed of Keifer Sanchez [14], Mackie Empuerto [13], Francis Concepcion [12]) sang “Listen” by Beyonce on “The World’s Best” and their version is spectacular, capturing the attention of everyone that got them talking about these talented kids. Also, after that wonderful performance, TNT Boys advanced to the next round of The World’s Best.

You can watch their “The World’s Best” performance here: TNT Boys sing “Listen” on The World’s Best

On CBS Los Angeles, the interview started with the surprise of a lifetime that James Corden organized for TNT Boys on “The Late Late Show with James Corden”. That was when American singer Ariana Grande popped out of the stage while TNT Boys were performing “And I Am Telling You”. The kids were so professional, finished their performance even though their most favorite artist was in front of them. Yes, they didn’t break down because they had a show to do. Watch the video here: Ariana Grande surprises TNT Boys

Francis Concepcion who showed the cutest reaction on James Corden’s show is still thinking that them meeting Ariana Grande again is a dream. He still can’t get over it.

When asked how their lives have changed since going to the US, Keifer Sanchez responded that when he wasn’t part of the TNT Boys yet, he wasn’t famous. Keifer Sanchez would help his parents in their work. But because he’s now famous and earning a decent income, he wanted his parents to stop from working and now they are in full support of his singing career. At their age in the music industry (the pressure, the work, the fame), they should really be guided well by their parents.

TNT Boys Ready To Take The World By Storm On ‘World’s Best’

It’s been a long time since TNT Boys started as a boy band. In a Filipino comedy talk show “Gandang Gabi, Vice” (GGV) hosted by Filipino comedian Vice Ganda, the three were asked by Vice Ganda to belt out the famous “Listen” by Beyonce with a twist, the kids will sing and at the same time act. This GGV episode blew up on the internet. Their first “Listen” performance together got everyone talking. Famous people like Snoop Dogg shared the performance of the TNT Boys on his Instagram (Snoop Dogg wowed by TNT Boys), even YouTube reactors from different parts of the world began reacting to them.

From being ordinary kids who individually joined the TV competition show, “Tawag ng Tanghalan Kids”, back in 2017, to being big shots conquering the hearts of music lovers worldwide, TNT Boys’ lives changed dramatically that, according to Mackie Empuerto, they’re now able to buy clothes anytime, anywhere.

As to how they deal with fame, all the TNT Boys members were speechless saying even after being two years in the music business, they’re still shocked in what happened to their career, it’s booming and they’re becoming better and better.

Before the interview ended, TNT Boys was asked who’s the next American singer they want to meet next. Since they’ve already met Ariana Grande, they all answered “Beyonce!!!” It makes sense since they got famous because their “Listen” performance became viral on the internet. It was what gave a massive boost to their music career.

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