American Idol 2019: Alejandro Aranda wows judges with his audition

Alejandro Aranda performs two original songs for his audition on American Idol 2019, leaving the judges speechless.

March 7, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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American idol judges were stunned by the amazing performance of Alejandro Aranda (age 24) a diswasher from Pomona, California on March 6, 2019.

Alejandro Aranda said he picked up music “later in life” and was a street performer. He said he was self-taught in everything about music and admitted he was “always super nervous about singing” so he played out in the streets to push himself.

The talented Alejandro Aranda auditioned with an original song titled “Out Loud”, which is about how he didn’t tell the truth when he was younger and how it took him a while to speak the truth.

Less than 20 seconds into his audition piece, country singer Luke Bryan looked shocked, while singer-songwriter Lionel Richie was already shaking his head in disbelief. Katy Perry was smiling sweetly at how good Alejandro was.

After his performance, Alejandro looked meekly at judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, who simultaneously gave him a standing ovation, all of them clapping their hands.

Alejandro Aranda GENIUS Full Audition Leaves Judges Speechless – American Idol 2019 on ABC

[ref: American Idol]

Lionel Richie said “That was the greatest…” Then he went and hugged Alejandro.

He told Alejandro “You my friend, are so talented. I am so inspired. I just wanna hear a piano song, (to other judges) just because I wanna hear him play the piano.”

As Alejandro went to the piano, Lionel muttered, “This guy is unbelievable.”

Alejandro obliged and played another original song called “Cholo Love.”

Again, the judges were dumbfounded. They looked at each other, shaking their heads, as if asking each other, “Is this guy for real?”

Lionel said, “Unbelievable. You are no joke. You are no kidding around.”

Luke Bryan praised Alejandro’s performance to high heavens. He said:

I just feel like I’m in the presence of greatness. I’ve just never seen somebody do what you just did with the guitar…I have nothing to tell you other than I am so glad you are here. I’ve just never seen anything like that. It has totally rocked my world. It was like watching my favorite movie that I did not want to end. It was like the first time I saw Forrest Gump. I didn’t want it to end.

For her part, Katy Perry asked, “Alejandro, do you think you’re the next American Idol?”

Alejandro Aranda humbly said, “I don’t know. There’s lot of good singers and there’s lots of amazing talent.”

When Katy asked him why he thinks he’s special, Alejandro said he doesn’t think he’s special but he’s just hardworking. He also said his inspirations are American singer-songwriter Trent Reznor, classical Polish composer and pianist Chopin, and German composer and musician Bach.

Katy Perry then said, “OK Alejandro, I think you’re the winner. I think you’re really special. I think you’re an absolute genius.”

Luke Bryan said he does not even want to see anybody after Alejandro and will not sleep until he watches Alejandro perform again, while Katy Perry said, “I quit.”

Lionel summed it up for everyone:

We’re the lucky ones, because the universe chose this time to bring you in front of America. You have such a career. And the fact that you don’t know it, makes it even more special. There’s nothing like you my friend.

Katy Perry made a parting shot to Alejandro, telling him to “stay humble” before she and the other judges told Alejandro, “You’re going to Hollywood!”

Katy just declared Alejandro as the winner of American Idol season 17 on its second episode. Lionel and Luke seemed to be bowled over by his performance too.

Commenters on YouTube want to get hold of his music and are already planning to buy his album. (For those interested, Alejandro’s music is on Spotify, YouTube, soundcloud, and Instagram under @scarypoolparty).

So, is American Idol over this early? Will Katy Perry’s prediction come true?

American Idol premiered on March 3, 2019 on ABC and will air until May 20, 2019, at 8:00 PM on Sundays and Wednesdays. It is hosted by Ryan Seacrest and had 8.65 million viewers on its first episode.

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