Asia’s Got Talent 2019: Shadow Ace semi-final performance

Filipino semi-finalist Shadow Ace gives an impressive performance on 'Asia's Got Talent 2019' Semi-finals round.

by Marsha Dizon

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Filipino hand shadow performer (or shadowgrapher) Philip Galit aka Shadow Ace, gave an impressive semi-final performance on Asia’s Got Talent 2019.

With his perfect comedic timing and brilliant storytelling technique, Shadow Ace managed to bring the house down, so to speak.

The audience happily clapped in time with the music used throughout Shadow Ace’s performance. He featured the Asia’s Got Talent judges Jay Park, David Foster, and Anggun in his story, which made his act funnier.

The judges laughed and cheered as each of them were presented in Shadow Ace’s cinema in silhouette.

Here’s how the judges assessed Shadow Ace’s semi-final performance:

David Foster:

I make my living with my hands. You stand a very good chance of making a living with your hands. It’s brilliant. I absolutely loved it! It’s unique, it’s incredible. I bet you we’re gonna see you back here in the finals, that’s what I think.

Jay Park:

You definitely leveled up from your judges auditions for sure. You guys stepped it up. I loved all the transitions, all the characters, the comedic, humorous kind of points you put in there. I absolutely loved it.


Well it was really entertaining. We were all laughing…You know what, those people who belittled you before, they can eat their hearts out.

Upon learning that the print on Shadow Ace’s shirt reads “Dreams begin in the dark,” Anggun reacted by saying, “That’s a great motto.”

Meanwhile, Asia’s Got Talent hosts Justin Bratton and Alan Wong were so proud of Shadow Ace’s performance and kept repeating the fact that Shadow Ace is their Golden Buzzer. Bratton and Wong pressed the Golden Buzzer for Shadow Ace during the auditions, sending him straight to the semi-finals.

Shadow Ace (Philippines) Semi-Final Performance| Asia’s Got Talent 2019 on AXN Asia

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