Fumiya’s father, siblings in PBB Otso for his birthday

Sankai family in PBB Otso for Fumiya's birthday celebration.

March 21, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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The family of PBB housemate and vlogger Fumiya Sankai came all the way from Japan to surprise Fumiya on his birthday.

Big brother allowed Fumiya’s Daddy Akio and his brothers Yuya and Shunya to go inside the PBB house for the 24th birthday celebration of Fumiya on March 19, 2019.

At the beginning of his birthday, Fumiya was very happy when video greetings of his family were shown on the screen inside the PBB house.

Fumiya receives birthday greetings from his family

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He told Big Brother in the confession room that he realized how much he appreciates and miss his family when he became a housemate. He said when he goes back to Japan, he would tell them how much he loves them, even if it’s not customary in Japan to say “I love you” to your next of kin.

Fumiya describes his family to Big Brother

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Without Fumiya’s knowledge, the housemates led by his bestfriend Yamyam were given a task by Big Brother, which when completed, will allow Fumiya’s father and brothers to go inside the house and be with Fumiya.

Meanwhile, Big Brother interviewed the Sankai family about Fumiya. His brothers Yuya and Shunya described Fumiya as a cheerful person. His father said that when Fumiya decides to do something, he puts his heart into it.

The Sankai family said that they really miss Fumiya and want to see him and greet him a Happy Birthday.

Sankai family describes Fumiya

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The meeting was made possible after the housemates completed the ninja obstacle race, with Yamyam completing more than half of the task. After completion, Yamyam brought Fumiya to a room where Big Brother gave him his gift.

From a curtain made to look like a cake, Fumiya’s brothers emerged, which shocked the birthday celebrant. A bit later, his father followed with a cake in his hands.

Fumiya was very much surprised that his father and brothers were right in front of him and asked several times if everything’s for real and if it’s really happening. Fumiya was jumping happily like a small kid at the precious birthday gift that Big Brother gave him.

Fumiya shocked at seeing his family

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