PBB Otso Adult Big 4: Yamyam, Lou, Fumiya, and Andre

Yamyam, Fumiya, Andre and Lou, aka Team LAYF, were officially named as the Big 4 of PBB Otso Batch 2.

March 28, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Three more housemates joined Yamyam Gucong (age 25) in the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso Batch 2 Big 4, namely Japanese vlogger Fumiya Sankai (age 23), and models Andre Brouillette (age 21) and Lou Yanong (age 21). The four of them have been dubbed collectively as Team LAYF (or L.A.Y.F.) by PBB fans.

Yamyam Gucong was the first housemate to become part of PBB Otso Adult Big 4, after winning the Big Jump Challenge. Fumiya, Andre, and Lou got voted to the Big 4 by the public.

Lou Yanong was the 2nd member of the Big 4 revealed by host Toni Gonzaga. She almost jumped from her seat when her name was mentioned, shocked that she’s a Big 4 winner for Batch 2.

Lou is now part of Big 4

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

When Fumiya’s name was called, he reacted happily and shouted like a kid. For his part, Andre let out a sigh of relief and then he hugged Shawntel before going to the platform allotted for Big 4 members.

Fumiya and Andre named as Adult Big 4 members

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

Big Brother congratulates the Adult Big 4 of PBB OTSO

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

Thea Rizaldo and Shawntel Cruz were evicted from the PBB house. Both of them chose Yamyam Gucong as their pick for the Big Winner.

Voting results showed that Thea only got 5.16% of the total votes cast by the PBB fans while Shawntel got 5.56%.

The top 3 who eventually became Adult Big 4 members got 54.83%, 21.98% and 12.47% of the votes. However, as to who among Andre, Lou, and Fumiya got those chunk of votes was not revealed.

Towards the end of the show, voting for the Batch winner of the first Adult Batch was officially opened.

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