PBB Otso: Andre and Lou’s kiss upsets housemates

PBB housemates become upset when Lou and Andre get too close for comfort inside the PBB house..

March 5, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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The Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso episode on March 4, 2019 will probably be one of the most-watched and most controversial to date.

As hinted during the 5th Eviction Night on Sunday, (March 3, 2019), something happened at the pool area between Lou Yanong (age 21) and Andre Brouillette (age 21).

Lou and Andre, who are also known collectively as LouDre, ended up kissing each other because they had one too many drinks. And except for Hanie Jarrar (age 19), their PDA upset all of the other housemates.

Public Reaction

Although a lot of LouDre fans said that it’s but normal for Lou and Andre to express how they feel, a lot of them are also shocked and disappointed, saying the two should have exerted more effort to control themselves and should have been better role models. Some of them said they did not watch the entire episode, saying it was too much for them to take.

Some people online wanted a forced eviction for Lou and Andre, although some are saying that’s too harsh a punishment for the incident.

Others are also disturbed by Hanie’s behavior, especially since it seems he was the only one who tolerated Lou and Andre’s PDA.

On the other hand, Mary Grace, Yamyam and Fumiya were praised for their concern and for showing maturity in handling the situation.

How and why did it happen?

In celebration of the reunion of the housemates after their dual challenges, Big Brother told Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong that he will reward them with a swimming party and asked them to make a vlog about it.

At the party, the housemates had games like truth or dare, and so on. And while the games are going on, and so was the drinking.

It came to a point when Hanie, Andre, and Lou had more than the rest of the housemates and lay on their backs at the poolside.

When Hanie sat up a bit later and only Andre and Lou were left on the floor, Lou faced Andre and said, “My parents are gonna be so mad at me.”

Looking at Andre, Lou asked,”Do you want to kiss me?” A visibly drunk Andre paused for a few seconds and then kissed her.

PBB Otso: Andre and Lou getting close at the party

[Pinoy Big Brother]

When Mary Grace Lagos saw what was happening, she looked worried as Lou and Andre got lost in their own world.

Hanie was signaling with his hand at Mary Grace when she approached, as if telling her to leave Andre and Lou alone. He even said, “Sarap” [Delicious] to Mary Grace.

Mary Grace shouted “Ohh! Oh My God,” and that was enough for Lou and Andre to stop what they were doing.

At the other side of the pool, Yamyam and Fumiya were talking about Lou and Andre. Yamyam said they might lose control while Fumiya said that it might get “more” (out of control) later.

When Lou and Andre went back to the pool and started their thing again, the housemates, all began to get worried.

Mary Grace asked Yamyam and Fumiya if it’s the first time that it’s happening with Lou and Andre. Yamyam said it’s his first time to see them that way.

She said, “Should I stop them?” Yamyam said, “I should stop them.”

Mary Grace said she also wants to but she doesn’t want Lou and Andre to feel bad about her. She said Lou and Andre are adults and should know their decisions, but if it’s too much, she would. Fumiya and Yamyam agreed.

When she can’t take it anymore, Mary Grace stopped Andre and Lou with what they’re doing and said, “I’m your big sister, stop it, stop it. It’s too early. It’s too early.”

When Lou and Andre entered the house, all the other housemates talked about what happened.

Fumiya wanted to confirm if all of them felt weird about the incident. “It’s not bawal [forbidden] pero [but] it’s rude because… we are living together, ” he said. He later told Big Brother that he was surprised. If it happened in the outside world, it’s OK.

He said that there are 8 people living together, “It’s not two people’s mundo [world].”

When asked by Mark, Fumiya said he wouldn’t do what Lou and Andre did because in Japanese culture, public display of affection is frowned upon. At first he thought kissing in public in the Philippines is okay. But seeing that his housemates also found it uncomfortable to see Lou and Andre like that, he said he understands it’s also not part of Filipino culture to show such PDA.

Yamyam said it’s also weird in the Philippines and it’s “too much”, to which others agreed. He told Kuya later he was shocked and not comfortable seeing them like that.

PBB Otso: Housemates talk about Lou and Andre

JC said he thinks what happened with Lou and Andre is not right while Mark said he did not actually see it.

Someone asked why Lou and Andre are into it when they are not even in a formal relationship yet.

Mary Grace said Lou and Andre just lost control. But she also said that even if Lou and Andre are adults who are in a relationship, it is still not the right place for such things.

She said she wouldn’t mind if Lou and Andre are in their own place, but the set-up is different inside the PBB house. According to Mary Grace, she said she doesn’t tolerate it because she knows what’s wrong and right.

Mary Grace said in the end that they are a family. And even if each one can have their own decision, they should watch out for each other, and everyone agreed with her assessment.

She explained to Big Brother later that Andre and Lou’s emotions had an “overflow”, but she was compelled to do something because she was their big sister.

True to their words, the housemates tucked in Andre, Lou, and Hanie in their respective beds, showing how much they care for them.

Among all of them, it was Hanie who held a different opinion. He explained to Big Brother when he was sober, that he felt other housemates were not comfortable with Lou and Andre’s closeness. But he said Lou and Andre are two consenting adults and if it’s OK with them, it’s fine by him, too.

The Morning After Talk

The day after the swimming party, Fumiya talked to Andre about what happened the previous night. Andre said he couldn’t remember much about it.

Fumiya reminded Andre and Hanie that since they are all adults, they should know their limits. He added that they should think not only of themselves but also of other people and that “control is important.”

Andre said sorry to Fumiya and apologized to Big Brother later. He said he really wanted to take it slow with Lou because he wants them to be strong with time before they move on to another step.

He said he never planned to kiss Lou until she was his girlfriend. He added that he will ask her to be his girlfriend later, once he gets to know her in the real world.

In a serious talk with Lou, Andre also apologized to Lou, for “going out of hand” and for being too much.

PBB Otso: Andre says sorry to Lou

Meanwhile, Lou told Big Brother she knew it was wrong but it was hard to control herself because of the effects of alcohol. She said her parents would get mad at her and she would have to say sorry for what she did. Lou earlier apologized to the housemates because of what happened.

In her talk with Yamyam, Lou said she and Andre are not in a relationship yet but there’s mutual understanding between them. Yamyam reminded her to exercise “control” because he wouldn’t want her to get hurt.

For his part, Big Brother advised Lou and Andre that they should know the consequence of their actions. To Andre, he advised him to be careful and to take it slow. And to Lou, he told her that women should be respected by men and that she should give importance to herself.

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