PBB Otso: Andre apologizes to Lou Yanong’s father

Andre Brouillette meets the father of Lou Yanong and apologized for "the kiss" during the swimming party.

March 14, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Michael Yanong, the father of model and Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) housemate Lou Yanong (age 22) made a surprise visit to the PBB house in celebration of Lou’s birthday.

Before he showed himself to Lou, Michael had a one-on-one talk with Andre Brouillette, who admitted how much he liked Lou.

Andre apologized for kissing Lou while at the swimming party. Lou’s dad accepted his apology and said “no worries”. Michael said that was a decision call on Lou and Andre’s part, “things happen”, and that both are repentant. He said he hoped that both Lou and Andre learned from it.

Lou’s dad said that his daughter had been hurt before and is emotionally vulnerable. He said he wants his daughter to be happy and to have somebody protecting her.

He then asked Andre to take care of her daughter inside the PBB house, and “no alcohol.” Andre agreed outright that he will take care of Lou and promised to abide by Michael’s restriction too.

Andre said he would love to talk more with Lou’s father in the future. In response, Michael said, “Yes, I would love that…Let’s have a bonding outside.”

PBB Otso: Andre meets Lou’s father

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

Meanwhile, Lou was in the middle of a special task – that of acting, standing like a mannequin for 3 hours, while the other housemates made a birthday dress for her.

When her father entered the PBB house, she was shocked and started crying. She couldn’t move, though, because she was asked to stay still for 8 minutes.

And as her Dad kissed, hugged and told her how he missed her, Lou couldn’t hug back. Lou cried as her father read a letter extolling her values and saying how proud they are of her.

In his letter, Michael told Lou, “Promise yourself to be strong and forthcoming…Don’t make choices emotionally that you’ll regret after. These things take time, don’t compromise.”

The housemates who all witnessed how loving Lou’s daddy Michael is, were all wiping tears as Michael read his letter to Lou.

Michael gave her daughter a necklace and told her, “No compromises. I love you. You’re always our beacon, sweetheart.”

When he was asked to leave the letter, Michael left it with Andre and also hugged him.

Lou later said in the confession room, “Nagyakapan sila. Diyos ko po, hala, buti di sinuntok.” [They hugged each other. Oh my God, it’s good that he didn’t punch him.]

The birthday celebrant was happy though, that Andre met his father. Lou told Big Brother, “I’m just really glad that he met my Dad.”

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