PBB Otso: Hanie Jarrar gets evicted, picks Yamyam for Big 4

Hanie Jarrar gets evicted from the PBB house, ending his journey as a housemate.

March 18, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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After three weeks as a housemate, Hanie Jarrar (age 19) of Isabela City was evicted from Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso.

There were 5 nominees on the 7th eviction night of PBB Otso Adult Batch.

Andre Brouillette and Shawntel Cruz were automatically included in the list of nominees after Team Camp lost in the second big battle against Team Bahay. Andre and Shawntel were picked earlier by Kim and Camille to go back to Team Camp in the middle of the preparations for the second big battle.

Hanie Jarrar, Lou Yanong, and Thea Rizaldo completed the list of eviction nominees.

Of the nominees, Lou Yanong got the highest percentage of votes from the public, with 37.07%. She was followed by Andre Brouillette with 25.65%. Third place goes to Shawntel Cruz, who garnered 17.54% of the votes, followed by Thea Rizaldo who got 14.65% of the public vote.

Hanie Jarrar only got 5.09% of the total votes cast, leading to his eviction from the Adult Batch of PBB Otso.

The announcement came as sad news to the housemates, who already formed a bond with Hanie.

Hanie gets evicted from PBB OTSO

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

In the confession room, he became emotional and cried as Big Brother showed the highlights of his stay inside the PBB house.

Hanie becomes emotional in the confession room

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

When he emerged from the PBB house and was asked who he thinks is deserving of a Big 4 slot, Hanie chose Yamyam Gucong.

Hanie said Yamyam’s outlook in life is so inspiring despite the trials in his life. Hanie also believes that Yamyam could make a lot of people’s lives better with what he will achieve.

In the post-eviction interview with Fifth Solomon, Hanie said that while he was inside the PBB house, it was his mother who served as his inspiration.

He said the most valuable lesson he learned inside the PBB house is to think twice and be wise before revealing one’s true thoughts or self because doing so will have consequences.

Hanie said he found a kindred spirit in Kim, and advised him to be cool. As for Shawntel, he said that she is a lot braver and stronger than he thought. He advised both to keep on fighting.

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