PBB Otso: Yamyam Gucong is first Big 4 member of Batch 2

Yamyam Gucong wins the Big Jump Challenge, making him the first Big 4 member of PBB Otso Batch 2.

March 24, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Yamyam Gucong of Bohol (age 25) emerged as the winner of the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Otso Batch 2 Big Jump Challenge, thereby becoming the first Big 4 member or finalist in the said batch.

The “Iskulit Bai ng Bohol” won a hard-fought battle in the final round of the Big Jump Challenge against Andre Brouillette (age 21) and Lou Yanong (age 21).

In the first round of the Batch 2 Big Jump Challenge, Yamyam and Fumiya Sankai lost as a team. Fumiya sacrificed his slot and chose to be automatically nominated for eviction and gave his blessing to Yamyam to pursue his dream via the Big Jump Challenge.

Yamyam won the second round, by clocking the shortest time in a building block challenge, followed by Lou and Andre. The three of them moved on to the final battle.

In the final round, each of the contenders was given a small boat or dinghy. The challenge was to keep it from sinking after several holes were opened and weights were placed on it.

Before the final round started, the remaining housemates were given the chance to choose who among the 3 contenders they are willing to help.

Fumiya Sankai, who is known as the “spiritual brother” of Yamyam inside the PBB house, immediately made known that he will choose to help Yamyam.

Kim Franco and Thea Rizaldo also chose to help Yamyam in the challenge.

Camille Sandel and Shawntel Cruz chose to help Lou Yanong.

Andre, who was probably perceived by most housemates to be the fittest among the three and therefore the strongest contender, was not chosen to be helped by any housemate.

Housemates choose who to support among Lou, Yamyam and Andre

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

Fumiya Sankai, who is also a close friend of Andre, told Big Brother in the confession room that Andre must be very nervous because he has no support. He also said that since Andre is alone, his heart aches for him.

During the challenge, Fumiya in fact helped Andre by giving him water, even if he pledged support for Yamyam.

In the confession room, Andre said although moral support from other housemates would have been great, he believes he can do it alone.

The challenge lasted for more than 2 hours. Andre’s boat sank first, followed a few minutes later by Lou.

PBB Otso: Big Brother makes the final challenge more difficult

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

Andre fails the Big Jump Challenge

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

Yamyam’s boat stayed afloat the longest, making him the winner of the final challenge and making him the first housemate to be part of the Big 4 of Batch 2.

After knowing that he was the winner, Yamyam became emotional. He cried and hugged Lou tightly, then he shouted Fumiya’s name as he raised his fist in triumph. In that moment, he shared his victory with his spiritual brother Fumiya, who also felt triumphant with Yamyam’s win.

Yamyam wins the first gold medal of Big Brother

[ref: Pinoy Big Brother]

After congratulating Yamyam and awarding him the gigantic gold pendant for his win, Big Brother announced all of the housemates who will be nominated for eviction namely, Fumiya, Camille, Kim, Shawntel, and Thea.

The fate of the nominees now lies in the hands of the PBB voting public.

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