The Voice: Jej Vinson moves to next round, ‘Jealous’ duet

Jej Vinson and Beth Griffith-Manley sing an amazing cover of "Jealous" on The Voice Battles 2019. Jej was picked by Kelly for the next round.

by Marsha Dizon

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Filipino singer Jej Vinson (age 22) wins in the battle round against Beth Griffith-Manley in The Voice Battles 2019.

Singing “Jealous” by Labrinth, both Beth and Jej gave an amazing performance, receiving a standing ovation from all of the judges.

Though both of them impressed all of the judges, Jej Vinson was favored over Beth in the end.

Their team coach Kelly Clarkson was so proud of Jej Vinson and Beth Griffith-Manley. But she picked Jej Vinson because she said his range is incredible.

While Beth Griffith Manley was still clapping her hands for Jej, and Carson Daly was just about to announce that she’s up for the steal, John Legend pressed his button to immediately steal Beth for his team.

Coaches can steal two losing artists from other teams. Just like the artist who won the battles, artists who were stolen by another coach will also advance to the new Live Cross Battles, replacing the Knockout Rounds.

Beth Griffith-Manley and Jej Vinson Stun with “Jealous” – The Voice Battles 2019

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Here are the judges comments:

John Legend

Beth and Jej, both of you I wanted on my team, so you both were incredible today. Jej, your tone was really interesting and cool. Beth the same thing, actually. Both of your voices don’t sound like how I’ve heard the song before, but you both really sounded great doing it.

Adam Levine

I want to first say the unison that you guys did was maybe the best I’ve ever heard. It was perfect. It was amazing how your voices melded together. Yeah, this is a tough one, but I’m probably gonna go with Jej just because there were times you did upstage Beth a little bit. But Beth, the sky’s the limit for you. I think it’s a really, really tough one.

Blake Shelton

Beth, you were incredible. But what happens as a viewer and as a listener is, he’s singing note for note, the notes that you were singing as a female. And visually, you go, wow, he’s doing that. He was staying there with you. So I think it’s hard to call.

Kelly Clarkson

I’m so excited because you all did exactly what I asked of you because you’re so incredibly talented. That’s why not only the unison parts sounded so in sync, but what you all did in harmony, it is note-for-note on point. It’s insane how incredibly talented you both are.

For this specific performance, I’m gonna say the winner of this battle is Jej.

After announcing her choice, Kelly said later on, that Beth and Jej was one of her favorite battles on her team. But she picked Jej because of his incredible range and because she found him interesting.

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