“Treasure Stack” puzzle game launch trailer

Watch: "Treasure Stack" launched on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

March 2, 2019 by Jessie Mendoza

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Fusing the pulse-pounding pressure of a falling block puzzle game with grapple-powered platforming, Treasure Stack offers up a fast-paced party game experience like no other.

As treasure chests and keys fall from the sky and threaten to fill the screen, take direct control of a pixelated hero as you run, jump, grab, climb, grapple and stack matching colors to keep the blocky deluge at bay.

But don’t go in unprepared! Unlock over 100 items to customize your hero and grapple with, featuring everything from slimes with chainsaws, to avian boxing glove grapplers.

Catering to solo and multiplayer puzzle fans, Treasure Stack features a wide variety of modes, whether you’re testing your skills in Challenge Mode, partying up with friends in 4-Player Local Versus, or taking on the rest of the world in Online Versus.

From casual and private lobbies where players can hone their stacking skills with friends, to ranked matchmaking that sees the world’s best competing to climb the online ladder and earn exclusive, season-specific rewards, there’s a mode for every skill level.

Stack how you want with approachable and simple-to-grasp gameplay that hides a high skill ceiling to master! Available now on Nintendo Switch!

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