Why Maine Mendoza is dating Arjo Atayde, apologizes to fans

Maine Mendoza: "I am dating Arjo. We have been going out for quite some time now."

March 3, 2019 by Jessie Mendoza

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It has been a while since Maine Mendoza dating Arjo Atayde issue had surfaced the internet.

On the eve of her birthday (March 2, 2019), Maine Mendoza decided to confirm things out for the welfare of her supporters and bashers. According to her, she’d rather everything comes from her than from “some baseless write-ups or ambush interviews”.

The reason why I wrote this is because I want to clear things out once and for all. I want everything to come from me, not from some baseless write-ups or ambush interviews.

Maine Mendoza wrote a very long article on her blog (mainemendoza.com) about some stuff that needs explaining like her love life.

Last November 2017, Maine Mendoza admitted that she and Alden Richards (the other half of the “AlDub” tandem) are just friends. They are still good friends and workmates.

Now, after over a year, Maine Mendoza felt to do another big reveal. She knows her fans have been waiting for confirmation about actor Arjo Atayde. This is what she had to say:

… here’s the statement and confirmation you have been waiting for: It’s true, I am dating Arjo. We have been going out for quite some time now …

Maine Mendoza stated that she’s well aware that not everyone is in favor of Arjo Atayde. She wrote:

You might be waiting for an explanation as to why I chose him. Excuse me for saying this but.. why not? You may have listed a long list of reasons why I shouldn’t but we all know it’s made out of hatred, anger and disappointment.

Maine Mendoza added that she chose Arjo Atayde for his character because whatever his past may be, “it does not define him as a person”. Maine Mendoza’s way to know Arjo Atayde better is to go out with him multiple times and she doesn’t see anything wrong with that.

Since she welcomed Arjo Atayde in her life, Maine Mendoza feels that their friendship is growing deeper. She went on revealing some very important details about how she thinks of Arjo Atayde.

I wouldn’t deny that out friendship is growing deeper with time. He always goes out of his way to make me extra happy and actually puts in effort in everything he does. I appreciate everything he does for me and I am happy that I get to experience such wonderful things.

Arjo Atayde has already met Maine Mendoza’s family and friends on multiple occasions. But Maine Mendoza was definitely nervous the first time she introduced Arjo Atayde to her family. She recalled:

He [Arjo] went to our house in Bulacan to personally talk to my parents and tell them that he has nothing but good intentions for their daughter. My parents also gave him a warning that they’d kill him if he does something bad to me. Haha! I remember him looking so timid as he sat on our couch in front of Teodoro and Mary Ann.

Maine Mendoza understands the culture of “tandems” in Philippine show business. She’s sad she can’t stay as Yaya Dub forever but she’s happier to be “Maine”, her real self.

According to her, she cannot go on with her life behind a fictional character. For her, “the world is big” and there are so many places to go and so many people to meet.

I am sorry if I am hurting you with my truth. I am sorry if the truth is too much to bear. I know how you feel, believe me.

I know you have invested so much time, effort, and money on us just to show how much you love us and we really do try our best to make you feel that everything you did/do for us is much appreciated and treasured — that we love you dearly and all of you are special to our hearts, too.. but truth be told, I do not think it is us you fell in love with — could it be the characters we portrayed 3 years ago? Or it could be just for me. You fell in love with Yaya Dub, not Maine. Could it be a (sad) fact to finally admit?

There are things beyond our control, according to Maine Mendoza. “Sometimes we just have to let life happen and move forward.”

Here’s Maine Mendoza’s ultimate message to all the fans:

To all the fangirls/fanboys/fandoms, it is great that admiring celebrities makes you happy and alive. It is nice that you get your daily dose of happiness from celebrities you choose to love and support.

Fangirling is a fun hobby — well, it should be. It might not be for everyone but it is surely worth a try. But hey, if the time comes that fangirling does not make you happy anymore (or if you think it changes the way you look at things negatively) you can always choose to move forward and focus on more important things.

Please do not ever let your world revolve around the lives of the people you idolize. Never let the virtual world turn you into “another person”.

Support who you love as much as you want and whenever you want but never forget the YOU are more than this. There are still more to your lives than planting hate and bashing people around. We all have our lives and personal issues to deal with apart from this.

Time will pass, people will move on, and we will all just look back on the good times and bad times of fangirling. Don’t we all want to remember the beautiful and fun memories? Let us leave it as it is; let us not tamper it with anything.

Maine Mendoza tried to comfort the people who are affected by her revealing the truth about her personal life and choices. She understands that idolizing celebrities are one of the ways to cope with hardships in life, and to release frustration and anger.

Some people really do things as their way to release frustration and anger. I am sorry you have to go through that phase of the fangirling life. I am sorry if I have caused you pain that you certainly had to throw rocks at me to take back all the love you had given me.

It may not make sense to me but I respect your feelings and method of healing. If that’s your way to cope then so be it but always remembert this, life will become so much better if we move on from the things and people weighing us down.

To lighten things up after all the heavy revelations, she ended the blog post with a recipe of the Filipino snack called “turon” (English: “Fried banana roll”) followed by this message:

Life is short! Let us not waste it worrying and stressing over things we have no conrol over.

Let us all be happy! Happy cooking and happy eating! Oh, and advance happy birthday to me! You kindness, acceptance and understanding would be the greatest gift you can give me this year. Kung labag sa loob, sige, kahit turon na lang. Hehe, salamat pa din.

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