Alejandro Aranda sings ‘I Fall Apart’ on American Idol 2019

Alejandro Aranda performs 'I Fall Apart' by Post Malone for Top 20 Solos on American Idol 2019.

by Marsha Dizon

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Alejandro Aranda sang a sweet and cool version of “I Fall Apart” by American rapper, singer-songwriter Post Malone during the Top 20 Solo round on American Idol Season 17 (2019).

The audience and the judges were either nodding their heads or swaying to the rhythm of Alejandro Aranda’s rendition. Intermittent cheers erupted from the crowd as he performed, people cannot help but gush at his husky voice and his skillful guitar playing.

At the end of his performance, the judges gave their comments, mostly praising Alejandro Aranda more as an artist than a contestant.

Luke Bryan was shaking his head from side to side before he gave his comment. He said:

I am not worthy to critique you. I mean I don’t know if this show and the history of the whole show has ever had somebody like you, in my opinion.

Lionel Richie agreed and said:

You realize now you’ve made it this far and the band hasn’t come in fully yet. I am just overwhelmed ’bout where you could possibly end up. But I agree with Luke, there has been nothing like you. You’re very special.

Holding her face in her hands, Katy Perry said:

You’re so much cooler than I. That arrangement was so next level. It was like, yes I want my boyfriend here, I want a glass of wine in my hands, and I wanna watch the show Alejandro.

Alejandro Aranda sings “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone

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