Idol Philippines 2019: Angelo Pineda sings ‘Heaven’

Angelo Pineda sings 'Heaven' by Bryan Adams on Idol Philippines 2019 Auditions.

April 28, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Angelo Pineda (age 22) of Digos City sang ‘Heaven’ by Bryan Adams during the auditions of Idol Philippines 2019.

He said he wanted to make his father proud, whom he doesn’t see that much because his parents separated while he was still young.

Judges Vice Ganda and Regine Velasquez told Angelo that children don’t really have to do a thing to make their parents proud of them. But Vice Ganda told Angelo to make his parents prouder as he asked him to sing.

But Angelo’s performance did not impress all of the Idol Philippines judges, managing to get only 3 yes votes from them. But those 3 votes were enough to earn him a Golden Ticket to Idol City.

Angelo’s audition was interesting because all of the judges got the surprise of their life when they learned in the end that Angelo Pineda’s father is no less than singer and songwriter Arnel Pineda, the new lead singer of the rock band Journey.

Judges Comments:

Regine Velasquez said that there are performers who command attention the moment they stand in front of them. She said, “that’s actually the most difficult part of being a performer, getting the people’s attention.” Regine said that Angelo got her attention at the outset, but afterwards she noticed that even Angelo lost concentration and let go, letting the performance slide. However, Regine noted that Angelo has a good voice.

James Reid You have a nice pop, R&B voice. It feels like singing is just a hobby for you. You have a lot of room to improve.

Vice Ganda said the song may be simple, but there are some singers who sing it in a way that makes the judges feel weak, like melting candles. “The simplest song can actually make you win. But if it didn’t leave a mark, that means the performance is just OK. I don’t want a performance that’s just OK. You have to make a mark because you’re supposed to be Idol Philippines.”

Moira dela Torre It did not climax. At the start you got me, and then you kind of lost me a little bit at the end.

When asked to vote, James Reid said he likes Angelo Pineda’s sound and he thinks he can still develop, so he gave Angelo a Yes vote. Vice Ganda voted No. Regine Velasquez said she sees some potential and gave him a Yes vote.

Before Moira gave her vote, Angelo said the performance wasn’t his best but he knows he can do better. Vice Ganda said he always hear that among those who audition but he cannot understand why the best is not given during the audition.

Angelo explained that there’s negligence of the feeling and you lose the moment. Vice Ganda agreed and said one has to seize the moment because the audition is very important. If you can’t get the judges at once, there will be no next chance. Vice said it should be a lesson to all to not reserve their “best” for the next performance.

Vice Ganda gave Angelo 10 seconds to sing and redeem himself. Angelo sang the first lines of the same song, disapponting Vice Ganda and Regine Velasquez.

Moira dela Torre told Angelo that he was given 10 seconds by Vice Ganda and yet he sang the same song. “We were already not sure about you. I love your tone and I’m gonna give you 10 more seconds…in the next round.” That means, Moira gave him a Yes vote, after all.

Getting 3 yes votes was enough for Angelo to get a Golden Ticket to Idol City.

After handing him the ticket, the judges asked Angelo to make a video call to his father. And the judges got the surprise of their life when they saw Arnel Pineda, the lead singer of the rock band Journey, answer the call. Regine said they intended to surprise the father of Angelo, but the tables were turned on them.

Vice Ganda gave one last piece of advice to Angelo. He told Angelo that it’s hard to pressure himself to be as good as his father, because he’s a different person. “You cannot be your dad. You can only be yourself.”

Angelo Pineda may not have impressed all of the judges with his performance of “Heaven” by Bryan Adams during his audition, but he still has a chance to showcase his talent in the next round of Idol Philippines 2019.

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