Idol Philippines 2019: Angie Kristine sings ‘Jar of Hearts’

Angie Kristine sings 'Jar of Hearts' by Christina Perri on Idol Philippines 2019 Auditions.

by Marsha Dizon

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Angie Kristine (age 16) of Siargao sang an emotional cover of “Jar of Hearts” during the auditions of Idol Philippines 2019.

“Jar of Hearts” is American singer Christina Perri’s debut single, which was released in 2010.

Before performing, Angie Kristine was given the chance to send a message to her Jewish Russian father, who has been missing for 8 years. She said Idol Philippines might be a way of reaching out to her father.

Calming down after giving her tearful message to her Dad and after all the judges hugged her, Angie Kristine then gave an amazing cover of “Jar of Hearts.”

Idol Philippines 2019 judges Regine Velasquez, Vice Ganda, James Reid and Moira Dela Torre were wowed by her performance as well as by her beauty.

After her performance, Angie cried again. Vice Ganda hugged her and asked why she is crying. Angie Kristine said it’s because the song is painful.

Angie Kristine got a golden ticket to go to Idol City, where the next level of the competition will be held.

Angie Kristine sings ‘Jar of Hearts’ on Idol Philippines 2019

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Judges Comments:

Vice Ganda said that there’s “too much sadness” in Angie Kristine’s voice but she’s a complete package because she has a good voice, she sings well, and she looks beautiful. The Idol judge thinks that Angie Kristine has a rosy future.

James Reid said, “The way you hit the notes, it was so clean, like you really hit the notes”

Asked by James as to who trained her, Angie Kristine said she just sang at home. In other words, she was self-taught.

James continued and said that Angie Kristine was really born with talent and that’s amazing. Regine commented on the side that it’s a gift. James later said that Angie’s voice is “like sunshine”.

Regine Velasquez said Angie is already beautiful so she didn’t expect that Angie will have a beautiful voice as well. “But you have a gift, sweetheart. You have a future, a bright future ahead of you. We’re already seeing it”

Moira dela Torre said she knows the feeling of someone pursuing a dream but who also has a broken part of one’s self which one is trying to heal. That even if the song is not your story, the emotions you feel in general and whatever you’re feeling are put into the song.

Angie Kristine got 4 yes votes after her performance of “Jar of Hearts”, bringing her to the next level of Idol Philippines 2019.

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