Idol Philippines 2019: Matty Juniosa sings ‘Natural Woman’

Matty Juniosa sings 'Natural Woman' by Aretha Franklin on Idol Philippines 2019 auditions.

April 28, 2019 by Marsha Dizon

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Matty Juniosa (age 20) of Mandaluyong City sang an amazing cover of “Natural Woman” during the auditions of Idol Philippines 2019.

“Natural Woman” was co-written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin and is the 1967 hit single by the late American soul singer Aretha Franklin.

Growing up with gender issues and with his father against his being gay, Matty said he joined Idol Philippines to give back to his mother, who sacrificed her own dreams for her children. He said he wanted the be the very first man who would stay loyal to his mom, since his mother has always been abandoned by the men in her life. Matty said that even if he was a woman in his heart, he was manly enough to stay with her and to prove to her that there is a guy who loves her.

The moment Matty walked into the audition room, his lively personality was noticed by the judges. Vice Ganda described him as “colorful” and hoped his performance would be the same.

Saying that performing has always been his peg, Matty said he wanted to sing “Natural Woman” because Aretha Franklin has always been one of his heroes.

Matty Juniosa performed like a pro and gave it his all. The Idol Philippines 2019 judges Regine Velasquez, James Reid, Vice Ganda and Moira dela Torre were so impressed with his performance that they gave him a standing ovation.

The judges said they were happy with Matty Juniosa’s performance and that they loved it.

Matty got 4 yes votes and was handed a well-deserved Golden Ticket to Idol City.

Matty Juniosa sings ‘Natural Woman’ on Idol Philippines 2019

Judges Comments:

Vice Ganda

“I’m so happy. You slayed it baby. You made me so happy. I loved it.”

Regine Velasquez commented on the technical side of Matty Juniosa’s performance. She said she liked the mix of chest and head tone, which she told Vice Ganda makes it powerful. “But then this is actually more of a mixed tone,” she said.

Asia’s Songbird Regine agreed with Vice Ganda that the transition (from chest to head tone) is “seamless”. She said one can hardly notice it because it’s mixed. “I was very impressed,” said Regine.

She added that Matty is so pleasant and that he reminds her of Adam Lambert, the American singer, songwriter and actor who was a runner-up on the 8th season of American Idol.

“I love the performance. It was very simple and yet you knew very well who you were singing the song for. I felt it. Congratulations!

Moira dela Torre who asked earlier if Matty Juniosa can be her new best friend, said that she is so “kinikilig” [thrilled] with Matty and asked if she can get his number after the audition. She said that she has only one thing to say, “Aretha Franklin would be so proud. You are amazing.”

James Reid

What I loved about your performance is your energy, it’s so contagious. I love your comedy, the way you connected with us. And I love how you seem so comfortable in your own skin.

All of the Idol Philippines judges gave Matty Juniosa their “Yes” votes, with Vice Ganda claiming Matty as his daughter and Moira commenting that she can watch him all day.

After that jaw-dropping performance of “Natural Woman” on Idol Philippines 2019 auditions, Matty Juniosa got a Golden ticket to Idol City, where the next level of the competition will be held.

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